National Flag
See listed Song
Capital City St Croix
Official Language(s) English
Established 02/03/2007
(4,934 days old)
Government Type Capitalist Capitalist
Alliance Itova
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Nation Team Black team Black
Religion Voodoo Voodoo

General InformationEdit

Zikawe was created on 2/3/2007, in that time Zikawe has been a member of CUS, SWF, CIN, HoG, MCXA, Element, and DE.

Coolgreen44 first joined the game as a member of CUS after being recruited by Commander Cody. However less then a week into the game CUS declared war, however Oasis then declared war on CUS, forcing the disbandment of the alliance. Coolgreen44 fled to SWF after being rejected from CIN for being at war during the time of the application. After a short time in SWF, coolgreen resigned and joined CIN. Just a few days before the NpO-CIN War, coolgreen went off and formed HeroesOfGaming. Coolgreen was in HoG from the start in till it disbanded at just over 1.6 million total nation strength. When HeroesOfGaming disbanded Coolgreen joined MCXA He then made a baby with Ryan Reyes and Element was born. After about 200 days in Element, Coolgreen44 approved a merger to form DE.

To the end of time the armies shall roll on. When the end of time comes the armies shall stop, but the rum shall not.


Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle, and loot, Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho. We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot,

Drink up me 'earties, yo ho.


Former Pink Team Senator
Former Black Team Senator
Former Emperor of The Dark Evolution
Former President of HeroesOfGaming, Former Deputy MoF for MCXA, Former Deputy MoFa for MCXA,
Former Triumvirate of Element, Former Emperor of Element, Former Triumvirate of TDE

Only losers type out the dumb shit they have done! That is why the former leader of zikawe has been executed, and his clone has summarily taken his place.

~Monkey Council

P.R.o.t.D.N.o.P.f.t.A.S.of. Zikawe Edit

Full Name: Peoples Republic of the Democratic Nation of Power for the Allied States of Zikawe
Language: Mrcalkin language
Established: 2/3/2007 1:54:11 AM
GDP: 371 Bananas
Internet Code: .monkeybsns
Area: 57600 Monkeys Squared
Largest City: St. Croix

Government of Zikawe Edit

The country is lead by a simple and straight forward government. If a monkey student cannot follow a long, he will have his banana revoked (AKA Citizenship) an he will be send out of the nation.

Council of Monkeys Edit

They hold full power within the nation, and are elected every 12 hours via a vote. The council is made up of 33 monkeys, 11 for Foreign Affairs, 1 for Internal Affairs, and 21 for Defense (monkeys do not like internal affairs, as organization is for noob monkeys).

Foreign Affairs Edit

The main foreign affairs objective of the Monkey nation is to ally with those who have lots of those yellow things, and or if the nation has the shape of said yellow object.

Internal Affairs Edit

The internal affairs officers attempts to burn books as much as possible, in an attempt to destroy everything civilized.

Defense Edit

Don't steal are yellow objects. :D

Armed Services of Zikawe Edit

The Military of Zikawe is extremely strange. It does not have any functioning organization and operates on the 'dibs' system. The dibs' system is exactly what you would imagine it is. Every morning every monkey currently in the Military lines up with a microphone a buzzer then sounds and everyone calls dibs on the various military positions. This system was originally adopted by the Monkey Council 30 days after the formation of the nation, it was thought this would force the cream of the crop to the top, as it is clear those who are best at calling dibs should be good at calling the shots.

Current Military Ranks (In order of Position):

1. Banana Cox
2. John Dorian
3. Carla Turk
4. Turkelton
6. Dr. Kelso
7. Janitor
8. Elliot Reed
9. Ted
10. Jordon

War History Edit

WarWhoWar DecOutcome
CUS War CUS vs. RE + Oasis Defeat
GWIV HoG + PLUS vs. CDS Victory
V for Vendetta War HoG vs. Albino Blacksheep Victory
DC-BC War Dark Confederate vs. Browncoats DCP Victory
OTF-RIA War Element, SuperFriends vs. OTF Alliance Victory
Jarheads War DE, NPO and Allies vs. Jarheads Victory
Karma War Itova, TOP, and Umbrella vs. OMFG [1] Victory
Itova-Illini War Itova vs. Illini Empire None Victory
NpO-\m/ War HoG + LoSS vs. SMF White peace
TOP-CnG War HoG vs. WFF, VA White peace

Laws of the Nation Edit

1. No Spell Checking.

  • This is considered a taboo, breaking it will result in death.

2. No Correcting the Head Monkey Council

  • Doing so will result in death

3. The Head Monkey Council holds all power

  • GOT IT?

Prison System Edit

In an attempt to make sure all laws are enforced the Monkey council allowed for the creation of Monkey Tycoon Prison. This prison is known for how harsh it is. The monkey Council who are excessively lazy authorized the prison system, but sadly every crime in Zikawe gives you the death penalty, so really its just a waste of money.

Schools of Zikawe Edit

Primary Education Edit

Kangaroo Reclamation Elementary School
Peoples Republic of Zikawe Honorary High School

Higher Education Edit

Kobolistan School of Higher Learning
Mrcalkin School of Language and the Arts
Caesar833's School of War
Soyvier's School of Republican Politics
Corey faith's School of Faith
Ochocinco and the Art of Sports
Ryan Reyes's school of Deception

Controversies in Zikawe Edit

Zikawe has many issues that will never be resolved do to lack of government oversight, hell, lack of a real government. (All the council of monkeys does is back on typewriters hoping to produce Shakespeare).

Underground Ella Edit

Underground Ella is a secret resistance movement in the nation. Nobody really knows what it is, or what it does, since the lazy Monkey council never actually finished it. Hopefully someday they will, but its unlikely.

St Croix Edit

St Croix is the capital city of Peoples Republic of the Democratic Nation of Power for the Allied States of Zikawe.

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