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Zavod Ural Solikamsk
Vsegda vpered ("Always Forward")
Type Club
City Solikamsk, Uralica
Nickname(s) ZavU, Ceryebra (The Silvers)
Founded 1995
Ground Zavodski Stadion
Capacity: 4,000
League Bolakliiga
Rank 12th, Bolakliiga 2009
Manager Dmitry Makarov

Zavod Ural Solikamsk (often called ZavU /zaˈvu/) is a Uralican football (soccer) club based in Solikamsk. It is probably best known for being the Bolakliiga club entered in the Siberian Trophy competition.

The move was slightly controversial as ZavU's first Bolakliiga season was nothing short of dismal - with four wins and eighteen losses, they were second-last in that season ahead of only Lokomotiv Kotlas - but four key acquisitions made them a strong enough team to win the Siberian Cup 1 division. Kolya Gogniev, Feofilakt Chumakov, Ruslan Zakharchuk, and Miron Smertin joined the team that season.

Although their 2009 B-Liiga season wasn't complete dynamite in its own right, it was a gigantic improvement from their inaugural campaign - they finished twelfth, between Metafraks Gubakha and FK Vorkuta. More noteworthy, though, was the fact that they made it to the semifinals of the 2009 Kanslerinkilpi, where they lost to Sikkivukarin Palloseura.

Current Roster[]

(Date of birth and Uralican hometown in parentheses)


  • 1 Kolya Gogniev (18 May 1984, Berezniki)
  • 16 Andrei Rodionov (26 December 1982, Solikamsk)
  • 22 Mikula Shmarko (2 January 1975, Kirov)


  • 2 CB Foka Yenin (15 March 1981, Serov)
  • 3 CB Bosko Levishin (20 July 1983, Solikamsk)(©)
  • 4 CB Georgi Marat (28 October 1983, Sarapul)
  • 5 RB Ervo Hirvesoo (7 June 1980, Vaahruše)
  • 12 LB Feofilakt Chumakov (31 July 1986, Syktyvkar)
  • 15 RB/LB Fyodor Pervak (28 July 1990, Solikamsk)


  • 6 RM/AM Alexey Stalin (9 December 1979, Kirovo-Chepetsk)
  • 7 UM Dmitry Rezanov (6 May 1991, Perm')
  • 8 LM Garsha Fedin (4 June 1977, Solikamsk)
  • 18 RM/AM Sergey Kuprianov (19 August 1983, Solikamsk)
  • 19 AM Ruslan Zakharchuk (25 November 1981, Kirov)
  • 25 DM Valentin Tolstov (24 October 1992, Aleksandrovsk)


  • 9 Miron Smertin (22 March 1980, Solikamsk)
  • 10 Darius Meleshin (10 August 1983, Berezniki)
  • 11 Fedor Poustovoitov (1 February 1987, Solikamsk)
  • 13 Keijo Karjalainen (14 May 1981, Chusovoi)
  • 14 Nikolay Tomashov (30 October 1985, Kudymkar)

Noteworthy Former Players[]

  • RM Natan Petukhov (Bumazhnik Solikamsk)
  • ST Aleksey Alborov (FK Kotlas)
  • LB Lev Yartsev (FK Berezniki)
  • RB Foma Volodarsky (FK Kungur)
  • AM Demyan Makarenko (Mashinostroitel Aleksandrovsk)


ZavU has a few noteworthy rivalries. However, their local rivalries with Ykkönen clubs FK Berezniki, Bumazhnik Solikamsk, and Mashinostroitel Aleksandrovsk aren't quite as fierce as their Bolakliiga-based rivalries against Amkar Perm', Sikkivukarin Palloseura (due to meeting them several times in the Kanslerinkilpi, and especially Metafraks Gubakha, with whom they have had a rivalry since well before the Robertian era.