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Zapatista de Liberación Fuerzas Navales
Zapatista Liberation Naval Forces
Flag of the Zapatista Navy

Flag of the Zapatista Liberation Naval Forces
Founded 15 June 2010
Comandante Marcos
General Sbcm. Zedillo, Sbcm. Ramirez
Military age Minimum 13
Available for
military service
3,214,890, age 13+
Fit for
military service
1,905,351 males, age 13+,
1,305,539 females, age 13+
Active personnel 116,184
Budget ℛ4 million ($305.9 thousand; national)
Percent of GDP 0.11%
Domestic suppliers Local paramilitary
Foreign suppliers Mexico, Dominican Republic, Himynamistan
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The Zapatista Liberation Naval Forces (Spanish: Zapatista de Liberación Fuerzas Navales, ZLFN) is the regular navy for the Zapatista Indigenous Liberation Organization (OLIZ) in the Community of Chiapas. Formed on 15 June 2010 after the Second Declaration from the Sierra Madre, the ZLFN was split from the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and was to be composed of converted merchant ships and captured naval vessels.

The ZLFN is commanded by Subcomandantes Zedillo and Ramirez, whom hold the rank of Admiral (Spanish: Almirante) in the navy. Appointed by the Clandestine Indigenous Revolutionary Committee, the admirals hold commander-in-chief authority and are held accountable to the OLIZ organization.

Currently, the ZLFN has commissioned 34 merchant and civilian vessels for service in the ZLFN. 156 other vessels hold partisan rank, whom support Zapatista movements and engagements. These ships are divided into two fleet: a merchant fleet, and an armed fleet.

Vessel Ranks[]

Because the Zapatista Navy is largely made up of civilian and merchant seacraft that has been converted for tactical purposes, their extent of conversion is represented in specifically given ranks to vessels enlisted with the navy.

Commissioned Vessels[]

Zapatista War Ship (Spanish: Zapatista Barco de Guerra, ZBG) is the highest rank that is attainable with a ship in the navy. Assigned to the armed fleet of ships, ZBG vessels are converted specifically for the use in warfare. Other purposes and services on the ship have been dismantled.

The second rank in commissioned vessels are the Zapatista Insurgent Vessels (Spanish: Insurgente Zapatista de Buques, IZB), whose ships are committed to the armed fleet in the ZLFN. These ships are able to conduct effective warfare but also are available for other civilian or merchant services or purposes.

There are three battalions of the armed fleet: IInd, IVth, and VII th

Non-Commissioned Vessels[]

Other vessels in the Zapatista Navy are not directly commissioned, but rather are called on to volunteer their services or personnel to help staff commissioned ships or use their own seacraft. All of these ships are given the rank of Zapatista Partisan Ship (Spanish: Zapatista Partidista del Buque, ZPB), simply known as "partisan".

There are four battalions of the merchant fleet: Ist, IIIrd, Vth, VIth


The ZLFN hosts six agencies all established to conduct specific and a range of services for the Zapatista Navy.

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