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Official Flag of Zangar

National Flag
"Be Fastidious, Be Efficient"
Capital City Okt
Official Language(s) Monicayan
Demonym Zangari
Established 01/01/2009 (5,675 days old)
Government Type Federal Federal
Ruler Whitney
Alliance Orange Defense Network
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Orange Orange
Religion None None
Currency Dollar Dollar
Environment 4.5 stars
Native Resources AluminumWheat
Connected Resources Cattle Fish Iron Lumber Marble Pigs Spices Sugar Uranium Water
Bonus Resources Beer Fastfood Construction


Stocking Market[]

Cold nights in Zangar has led to a boost in the stockings industry! They have become fashion of choice for the celebrities, politicians, and your average joe citizen. Largest industry in the country!

Social Security System[]

Aging members of Zangar are provided 5% discounts on Taffy! Citizens gladly pay higher taxes in hopes the government is as generous to the next generation of seniors.

Interstate System[]

Due to lack of automobiles in Zangar, the interstate is simply a system of dirt roads that are usually devoid of grizzly bears.

The Agency[]

Sometimes referred to as the "Disaster Relief Agency", the Agency is a cartel of rogues who make deals with other nations to obtain more technology than Zangar would be able to trade for normally.

Iota Industries (ι)[]

This national research lab is a central location for scientists seeking cures for common diseases among your population. Soon after it's development, they discovered that they could extend the lives of the citizens of Zangar by adding various mushrooms to pizza.


Behold the wonders of the internet! Now in all male swimsuits, providing happiness gain throughout Zangar.

TARDIS Initiative[]

Designed to use ground and space-based systems (Missile Defense Systems and Satellites, respectively), this Strategic Defense Initiative was created to help protect Zangar from attack by Nuclear Weapons during the TOP-CnG war. It was named after a machine in a popular Sci-Fi television show.

Great Observatory[]


Zangar Emblem

Casting aside the concept of a national religion, Zangar has erected a Great Observatory dedicated to Logic and Reasoning. This great observatory also serves as the largest library of Zangar.

Great Monument[]

The newly constructed monument to our government is a brilliant spectacle to behold. It inspires the people of Zangar to trust that democracy is in their best interests... or is this thing suppose to represent Federalism? Maybe Communist? Eh, screw it. We'll just anarchy if someone comes invading.

Great University[]

Information Pending

Mad Hatter Project[]

Citizens cried out that a researcher would be "mad as a hatter" to do research into the military uses for uranium. Luckily, none of the deaths related to this project have been attributed to mercury poisoning.

National War Memorial[]

"I don't see a sniper."

-Never Forget Unnamed Soldier #26559-

Cosmic Intelligence Agency[]

Just your run-of-the-mill research facility. Nothing to see here.


Information Pending


Information Pending

SPESS MEHREEN Training Program[]

Information Pending