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Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Z'ha'dum began his work with the New Pacific Order not in Cyber Nations, but in Nation States. When word reached the players in NS about the new game set up in early 2006 (January 28 to be precise), Z'ha'dum was one of the many who migrated to CN. He helped found the Order and get it running.

New Pacific Order[edit | edit source]

Z’ha’dum is currently an Imperial Counselor of the New Pacific Order and Director of the Media Corp. He has served Pacifica with determination and confidence, holding different positions, such as Zeta Battalion Lieutenant, Omega Battalion Lieutenant, Field Marshal, Academy Instructor, Imperial Liaison to the War Council, Imperial Officer of Military Affairs and Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, Z'ha'dum served as Imperial Viceroy to The Legion, holding complete authority over Legion affairs for an extended period in an agreement between The Legion, the New Pacific Order, The Phoenix Federation and Valhalla. He is considered by some the most successful Viceroy of all time, and some claim he is mostly responsible for the resurrection of Legion/NPO relations.

His colleagues find him to be a pleasurable man to work with and talk to.

“He is quite an amazing and energetic person who deserves recognition for his hard work; something that doesn't occur as much as it should.”
By Red Communist

Z'ha'dum finds great joy in serving with the people in the Media Corp. He also enjoys working with the Imperial Staff, helping guide the direction of the Order. Two of the most influential people on him include Vladimir and EuroSoviets, as both are, in Z'ha'dum's view, excellent linguists, capable of writing brilliant, well thought out essays that demonstrate masterful understanding of every topic they choose to engage in.

They are friendly, diligent, work hard and ask little in return. Being a part of that is now and has always been something special to me. - Zha on the Media Corp

War History[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

Medal awarded to Zha by Zeta Battalion in GWI (see below)

Great War I[edit | edit source]

One of the remarkable events that defined the importance of Z’ha’dum as a member of the New Pacific Order was when the Great War broke out. After about ten days of being given his first command, the lieutenant position of Zeta Battalion, the most numerous battalion in the Order at the time, he had to face desertion of all his staff except one. Even with little experience in command, he remained active and did his best to coordinate the battalion. After the war ended, the nations of Zeta Battalion believed his performance during the conflict deserved special recognition. Without direction, on their own they created a new ribbon for those who went above and beyond in their service of Zeta Battalion. This award was put together and voted on democratically by all nations of Zeta Battalion. He was awarded The ZETA Award nearly unanimously, one of only two nations to ever achieve this distinction. It is the only decoration Z’ha’dum ever wears among many others he was awarded.

Leadership[edit | edit source]

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