Yulser-Ola (Finn. Julserola, Russ. Юлсер-Ола, formerly Volzhsk) is a Uralican city within Mari El county. As its former name implies, it sits on the Volga River, along its northeastern bank on a diagonal stretch of river. As part of the Intra-Uralican Highway Network, a bridge has been constructed across the Volga, linking it to the medium-sized town of Kozlovka, Chuvashia, and said bridge has already been opened for use. At 3.5 km long, it is among Uralica's longest bridges, supporting Highway UH-26A, which branches off Highway UH-26 on the outskirts of the city.

Yulser-Ola has a very diverse economy, partially afforded them by the fact that they sit right on the Uralican border with the historical region of Tatarstan - it is one of Uralica's most retail-oriented settlements, rivalling the likes of Emva, Kirov, Novocheboksarsk, and Käkisalmi. There are also large agriculture, manufacturing, pulp-and-paper milling, and hi-tech sectors.

Culture Edit

Although primarily a Russian settlement at first, and in spite of Russian efforts to snuff out Mari culture, the aftermath of the Uralic Purges in the spring of 2007 would see a cultural revival of the Mari and their growth to dominate the territory of Mari El. Volzhsk would still retain its Russian name, though, until its annexation in the late summer of 2009. Russians still live in Yulser-Ola, however these were sympathetic to the Uralic cause before Uralica formed, with most of the extremists and even moderate Slavic nationalists having moved west. Mari form the majority, making up roughly 55% of the population, and speaking Eastern Mari. There are also many Finns, Estonians, Chuvash, and Tatars in the city.

Not the most obvious tourist trap outside of shopping, Yulser-Ola still does have a decent-sized historical museum and several Russian-style churches in the downtown area, but its main draw is its number of shopping malls.

Sport Edit

Football (soccer) Edit

Kolmonen Edit

  • FK Yulser-Ola
  • Transit Yulser-Ola

Nelonen Edit

  • Spartak Yulser-Ola
  • Volga Yulser-Ola

Other Pro/Semi-Pro Edit

  • Dinamo Yulser-Ola
  • Mari FK Yulser-Ola
  • Mashinostroitel Yulser-Ola
  • Zavod Yulser-Ola
  • Svetotekhnika Yulser-Ola
  • UB Yulser-Ola
  • Bumazhnik Yulser-Ola
  • Burevestnik Yulser-Ola
  • Luch Yulser-Ola
  • Torpedo Yulser-Ola
  • Jupiter Yulser-Ola
  • Promyshlennik Yulser-Ola

Ice Hockey Edit

  • Spartak Yulser-Ola

Handball Edit

  • Julserolan KPK

Rugby Sevens Edit

  • Yulser-Ola Berserkers (non-League)

Other Edit

  • Volga River Aquatic Centre - an Olympic-style aquatics centre with both platform and springboard diving, swimming, and water polo facilities.

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Malye Paraty
  • Chasovennaya
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