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Bio on Yugi121 Edit

Date of Birth:21/05/92
Place of Birth:London
Height:5 foot 7 inches
Weight:8 stone 5 pounds
Family:adopted by Prince Roberticus and Lady Jasmine Astaria Rysonia

Yugi121 was born in London where he lived until a nuke attack destroyed the nation and he was forced to move abroad with his only remaining family, his mother.His Mother was old and would die soon so she taught him all she knew about managing a nation and protecting himself. Alas his training did not finsh and at 10 he joined peace r us and was its youngest ever ruler and best sword fighter.At the age of 13 peace r us was a great nation and won every war it fought but something was missing a family.So he approached lord bob and lady rysonia and asked if they would adopt him, they accepted and for now yugi121's life was complete.At the moment he is training in sword fighter with lady rysonia.

Personal Traits Edit

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