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| [[File:Eotrsflag900gu7.png|30px]] [[Entente of The Rising Sun]] || [[EoTRS]] || July ?, 2006 || Disbanded || October ?, 2007
| [[File:Eotrsflag900gu7.png|30px]] [[Entente of The Rising Sun]] || [[EoTRS]] || July ?, 2006 || Disbanded || October ?, 2007
| [[Equilibrium]] || ???? || March 16th, 2008 || [http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=34297 Merged] (into [[DefCon]]) || September 11, 2008
| [[File:Equilibrium.jpg|30px]] [[Equilibrium]] || ???? || March 16th, 2008 || [http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=34297 Merged] (into [[DefCon]]) || September 11, 2008
| [[File:FINAL.jpg|30px]] [[Federation of Independent Nations Aligned for Liberty]] || [[FINAL]] || August 23, 2007 || Moved (to [[Aqua]]) || ????
| [[File:FINAL.jpg|30px]] [[Federation of Independent Nations Aligned for Liberty]] || [[FINAL]] || August 23, 2007 || Moved (to [[Aqua]]) || ????
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| [[File:Blackbunchies.jpg|30px]] [[Genmay]] || [m] || January 9th, 2007 || Moved (to [[Black]]) || ????
| [[File:Blackbunchies.jpg|30px]] [[Genmay]] || [m] || January 9th, 2007 || Moved (to [[Black]]) || ????
| [[Imperial Defensive Coalition]] || [[IDC]] || ???? || Merged (into [[SUN]]) || ????
| [[File:UnknownFlag.png|30px]] [[Imperial Defensive Coalition]] || [[IDC]] || ???? || Merged (into [[SUN]]) || ????
| [[File:LOUD.png|30px]] [[League of United Defense]] || [[LOUD]] || September 25, 2008 || Moved (to [[Black]]) || ????
| [[File:LOUD.png|30px]] [[League of United Defense]] || [[LOUD]] || September 25, 2008 || Moved (to [[Black]]) || ????

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Yellow Sphere
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The events, alliances, senators, and other notable nations of the yellow team are listed below.


Yellow team has long been one of the smaller team color spheres in Cybernations. Much of its history over the past two years was dominated by two alliances, GOLD and FAN. Both were the only Yellow team alliances to ever hold a sanction. Despite being on opposite sides of the MDP web, as FAN was a member of WUT while GOLD was a member of the League, the two managed to maintain a solid friendship for much of their existence. An informal agreement existed between the two alliances to not engage in any sanctioning or wars during Great War II. In an effort to further unify the sphere, GOLD and FAN announced Yellow Number 5, which effectively banned tech raiding from the Yellow sphere. Following the subsequent controversy of the treaty, GOLD - FAN relations deteriorated. GOLD disbanded in the Unjust Path War, following their being attacked by NPO. FAN remained in a near-constant state of war following its expulsion from WUT.

Since the war's continuation with FAN, Yellow became extremely quiet politically. FAN continued to hold two senate seats in the sphere, while FINAL was able to elect leader Evil-Uncle-Tom to hold the third senate seat. However, this changed when, in April 2008, the alliances Deck of Cards, Auric Armada and Defense Confederation formally announced a move to the yellow sphere. [[Au] and DoC managed to secure two of Yellow's senate seats, leaving the third seat to FAN. It was at this point that FAN and Golden Sabres "woke up and smelled the coffee". With the YUT seat taken away by Au's and DoC's great numbers, Golden Sabres resorted to voting and pledging their support to FAN's cause. One month later, Golden Sabre's support for FAN was easily discovered through a news report open to the public stating that the senate was under siege and to vote for FAN's senator, Brass. The Auric Armada entered the fight against Golden Sabres suggesting that "if your helping FAN, your not helping Yellow, and if your not helping Yellow, your making my job a lot harder". As per the individual peace terms given to Golden Sabres, all surrendered nations are to leave the yellow sphere.

Two weeks before the initial Golden Sabres attack, GS left the Yellow Unity Treaty. This left only R.O.C.K. in the treaty leaving it defunct. On June 13th, 2008 a new yellow treaty was announced between the alliances of Defense Confederation, Pyramid, and Forces of Annihilation. The bloc goes by two separate names, The Goldenrod Accords and Yellow Sphereority.To this day tension grows amongst certain yellow alliances as does peace and prosperity amongst others.

On June 14th, 2008 the fold in announcement from State of Unified Nations and IDC made them the largest yellow alliance, surpassing Auric Armada and Deck of Cards by a few hundred national strength, but they soon fell below again.

Several new events have transpired since, including DefCon changing colors and eventually disbanding, and a new wave of Yellow team alliances such as The Corporation, The Golden Horde, Big Top Order and the Holy Roman Empire. Veritas Aequitas was the largest yellow team alliance for a while, although by June 2009 the Federation of Armed Nations became the largest yellow alliance.


Current alliances of the Yellow team:

Alliance Acronym Founded Alliance Score Active Blocs
Formerly Sanctioned
Alliance Acronym Founded Alliance Score Active Blocs
Fan.jpg Federation of Armed Nations FAN ???? 14.15
Alliance Acronym Founded Alliance Score Active Blocs
GI-Flag2.png Galactic Imperium GI October 25th, 2008 0.43
The Golden Horde Flag.png The Golden Horde TGH July 26, 2009 1.33
HREflag.gif Holy Roman Empire HRE February 8, 2010 0.29
Congo.png Royal Order of Confederate Kingdoms R.O.C.K. August 13, 2007 4.13
Rddflag3.jpg Rubber Ducky Division RDD September 15, 2008 4.94
Vaflagui3.png Veritas Aequitas VA September 7, 2007 8.07

Former Alliances

Alliance Acronym Founded Alliance Fate Date of Fate
GOLD Flag.PNG Global Organization for Liberty and Defense GOLD October 8th, 2006 Disbanded October 7th, 2007
Alliance Acronym Founded Alliance Fate Date of Fate
ALPOM1.svg Alpha Omega AO October ?, 2007 Moved (to Black) ????
Auric Armada Flag.png Auric Armada Au February 8th, 2007 Merged (into DefCon) July 21, 2008
BTOflag.png Big Top Order BTO April 5, 2009 Disbanded February 14, 2010
Can9929.jpg Coalition of Armed Nations CoAN March 25, 2009 Disbanded ????
Deck of cards.png Deck of Cards DoC November 26, 2007 Merged (with SUN) July 9, 2008
DefConFlG.png Defense Confederation DefCon June 27, 2007 Moved (to White) ????
Eotrsflag900gu7.png Entente of The Rising Sun EoTRS July ?, 2006 Disbanded October ?, 2007
Equilibrium.jpg Equilibrium ???? March 16th, 2008 Merged (into DefCon) September 11, 2008
FINAL.jpg Federation of Independent Nations Aligned for Liberty FINAL August 23, 2007 Moved (to Aqua) ????
FORCE alliance flag.png FORCE FORCE September 21, 2007 Disbanded November 16, 2007
Blackbunchies.jpg Genmay [m] January 9th, 2007 Moved (to Black) ????
Placeholder Flag.svg Imperial Defensive Coalition IDC ???? Merged (into SUN) ????
LOUD.png League of United Defense LOUD September 25, 2008 Moved (to Black) ????
NOVA.png Novus Ordo Virtus Artis NOVA August 27th, 2008 Disbanded September 23, 2009
Orderoffeudflagfeudalwavy.jpg Order of Feudalistic Security OFS July 17, 2007 Disbanded May 7, 2008
30px Pyramid Alliance (1st) Pyramid ???? Merged December 17, 2008
30px Pyramid Alliance (2nd) Pyramid ???? Merged May 23, 2009
CorporateFlag05.png The Corporation Corp September ?, 2009 Moved (toGreen) ????


Those who have served on the Yellow team senate are listed below (Bold = current senators):

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Significant Yellow Team Alliances
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