Defunct Doctrine: This doctrine was canceled or is no longer enforceable by the alliance(s) that issued it and it is no longer in effect.

Yellow Number 5Edit

Also known as "Y#5" or "YN5," was a controversial joint doctrine created by the yellow team alliances the Federation of Armed Nations (FAN) and the Global Organization for Liberty and Defense (GOLD). The treaty stated that all Yellow team nations, regardless of alliance affiliation (or lack thereof) would be protected by FAN and GOLD.

The new doctrine quickly created controversy, especially amongst alliances permitting tech raiding. It was generally viewed as a move against tech raiders and was met with hostility from nearly all sides of the political spectrum.

FAN and GOLD defended their actions, citing the small size of the Yellow team and stating that the purpose for the doctrine was not to prevent tech raiders but to encourage more nations to move to the Yellow team. This would create more trading partners for the two largest alliances on Yellow.


Time Line of EventsEdit

  • May 31: Y#5 was announced by FAN and GOLD.
  • June 12: \m/ announced the Don't Pee In Our Snow policy illustrating their displeasure with Y#5 preventing tech raiding.
  • June 16: GOONS attack a Yellow nation who had been placed on their permanent enemy list but did not clarify the situation with either FAN or GOLD beforehand.
  • June 17: By the end of the day, FAN had attacked the GOON nations violating the Y#5 seeing it as an attempt to openly protest the policy and further delays in communication caused the situation to continue to escalate into combat. Responding to complaints by other WUT members, FAN and GOLD announced Yellow Number 6, canceling Y#5 and subsequently \m/ canceled the Don't Pee In Our Snow doctrine. By the end of the day, hostilities ceased.

Y#5 and the FAN-WUT WarEdit

The policy became part of the cassu belli WUT at the beginning of the FAN-WUT War but no specific sanctions against co-signatory GOLD were initiated. WUT membership often stated that the Y#5 doctrine was purposely instituted to cause conflict with other tech-raiding alliances, and FAN upheld its own Y#5 doctrine rather than the rules of the WUT.

Legally, both FAN and GOONs violated Article II of the WUT. Futhermore, FAN's response to GOON's attacks on June 16th violated Article IV, Section B. However, GOONs may also be considered in violation of Article IV Section F as well as Y#5, posted 16 days prior to the incident, by not properly notifying FAN or GOLD of the situation before attacking a Yellow nation.

Ultimately, the WUT members decided that FAN violated Article II and Article IV of the WUT and were expelled on June 18th.

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