Yamalia is a Uralican county, based off the old Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (whose flag it uses), and officially established on 15 November 2009. While its county seat is Salyakharad, its largest settlement is Khanto, formerly known as Noyabrsk. Although the oil trade in the area has shrunk significantly from when the settlements in this area were founded, mining of minerals has more than made up for it.


Flag of Yamalia.

Originally intended as a homeland for Nenets, the majority of the indigenous population of this area are actually other Samoyedic peoples - that is, Selkup, Nganasan, and Enets, with a decent population of Khants in the south. It is, by a narrow margin, Uralica's easternmost county, and it also contains Uralica's northernmost mainland point, a tiny peninsula branching off the west side of the Yamal Peninsula which has the defacto name of "Nenets Point." It is also home to the Ob Estuary, which was made a national park in early 2010.

Important Cities And Towns Edit

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