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The Yak-9 Eagle F/A 1 Was The Only Plane In The Red October's Arsenal This Is The Only Fighter That They Have,Since Its Modernization It Remained As The Only Fighter Of The Red October ArsenalYak9d The Armament Is Only ShVAK Cannon And UBS Machine Gun


   * 1 × 20 mm ShVAK cannon, 120 rounds
   * 1 × 12.7 mm UBS machine gun, 200 rounds


The Replacements Of The F/A 1 Was Been Prepared On Future Aircraft Emplacements For Red October It Could Be F/A 51 And F/A 86 If Any Aid Offers Received.


Red October- 20(already produced)
Mikoland- 6 (In Future 14 More)

Permanent Replacement[]

On December 12 2009,The Yak-9 Eagle F/A 1 Was Been Completely Replaced By F/A-86 Benson Due To Some Armored Failure.The Aircraft Was Awarded 5 Awards Including The Golden Ace Award For The War Against USCPR And Stalinbot They Shot Down More Than 20 Aircraft And The Presidential Honor For The Honor of Those Who Sacrificed Pilots For The Entire Nation.