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Established 12/31/2010
(3,343 days old)
Alliance SRA Flag Peace
Screaming Red Asses
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Native Resources FIRST PEOPLES!

Xanth is a current member of Screaming Red Asses.

Alliance history Edit

Hooligans Edit

As a member of Hooligans, Xanth was active in governmet, at one time being the leader of Hooligans. It was during this time that he brainstormed the pre-empt on MHA in the C&G-MHA War, the ultimate result of which was a permanent ban on the PPO channel on IRC. Positions held in Hooligans include:

  • Guardian of Foreign Affairs
  • Grand Master
  • Master Hooligan

During his time in the game he has belonged to several alliances:

  • NOP
  • RIA
  • GSO
  • MHA
  • The International
  • Hooligans
  • House Baratheon
  • Golgotha
  • Screaming Red Asses

War history Edit

Xanth has participated in 6 wars since joining CN in December 2010:

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