Xánténian (Xánténian : Ћánтenьяn) was the official language of Xánténia, the Socialist workers' state located in South East Asia. It takes its name from the Xántan dynasty which ruled Sukhonah from 903-1683 CE. In 1684, King Xántan XVII, after a number of wars, extended the lands of his nation, creating an Empire, which was named after his dynasty. In addition to this, the native language of Sukhonah, Xánténian, was also adopted by the conquered peoples.

Although the language was spoken by many of the conquered peoples during the Kingdom era, after the Socialist Revolution, the state encouraged the speaking of other native languages also. Such as Cothiquen, which was spoken by the Cothiquen peoples who were located in Northern Xánténia. Other examples are the Vietnaniyes who were concentrated around the Mekong region, their native language being Vietnya.

However, as these cultures lived close to each other, a uniform alphabet was formalised, an alphabet still used to this day by the natives of the region, despite the fall of Socialist Xánténia. Although the Cothiquen language has one extra letter in their alphabet, that being "c" ( ʡ ), or in the upper case ( ʔ ).

Xánténian Alphabet Pronounciation
á, Áaah, Aah
j, Jy, Y
b, Бb, B
œ, Œyet, Yet
e, Ěé, É
ья, ЬЯia/Ya, Ia/Ya
г, Гg, G
h, Hh, H
и, Иi, I
ґ, Ґj, J
ћ, Ћx, X
ќ, Ќk, K
β, Ώle, Le
м, Мm, M
ə, Əf, F
n, Ņn, N
o, Oo, O
п, Пp, P
θ, Θque, Que
ř, Řr, R
д, Дd, D
с, Сs, S
т, Тt, T
u, Uu, U
в, Вv, V
ζ, Ζz, Z
ч, Чch, Ch
ф, Фkh, Kh
ż, Żl, L
ш, Шsh, Sh
w, Ww, W
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