The term Worst Alliance Ever or WAE was coined as a propaganda tool against the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization. The original "WAE" wordfilter for GATO on the GOONS forums was removed in June 2007, after having been in place since Depraved's attempt to coup GATO in October 2006. It returned in July 2007 after further international drama regarding GATO internal politics, spying abroad, and GATO foreign policy.

In modern times, the term has applied to a number of alliances, but several have gained special, public recognition. A thread on the Open World Forum in April 2009 overwhelmingly voted the Grand Global Alliance to be the new WAE after several weeks of public embarassment for that alliance due to their severe lack of military preparation, and an admission that the GGA's foreign affairs were directed moreso at pleasing the New Pacific Order than anything else, among many other things. After the disbandment of GGA, a public poll held on Mushroom Kingdom's forums during the summer of 2010 voted for the Legion to be named the new Worst Alliance Ever.

Following the mess of their FA made by [IRON|IRON], they are now strong contenders for the title.

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