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World Organization Leader's Federation (WOLF)
Former Member Alliances

Roman1copy Roman Empire
TPFflag The Phoenix Federation
Immortals02 The Fellowship
Aiflag Aeonic Imperium
UnknownFlag Orbit Black
Intwarflag4 The Red Guard
Gatoflag2 GATO
UnknownFlag Global Democratic Alliance
Sdfflag Spartan Defence Force
UnknownFlag Neverland Ranch
Theblackhandflag The Black Hand
Rownflag-2 Republic of White Nations
Sosdanflag1 SOS Brigade
UnknownFlag Sons of Anarchy
A51flag1 Area 51
UnknownFlag The Northern Lights
Boxvipersresized Box Vipers

The World Organization Leader's Federation was a Mutual Defense bloc in Cyber Nations: Tournament Edition.
At the time of its formation on August 9th, 2009, it consisted of 17 alliances.
One week later, the alliances of Area 51 and The Northern Lights betrayed the pact and are thus no longer considered to be members of the World Organization Leader's Federation.

Principles of WOLF[]

WOLF supports freedom of speech, under which all the governments listed above shall meet to discuss any and all issues relating to TE; from trades and economy, to military operations, and joint operations. Each alliance in the WOLF Coalition has an equal standing in the Council Room to discuss any issues between themselves; discussing individual alliance, and united coalition issues.

WOLF is a Mutual Defense Coalition, and though this is not it's primary purpose, it should be mentioned as a warning to all. The primary goal of WOLF is to increase communication between it's members under a banner of equality; a uniform voice for all affiliated alliances. Also WOLF will assist in providing for the needs of each member, according to the requests and decisions of all members of the Coalition. Each Member of the Coalition retains their sovereign status to make choices regarding its own alliance. This is not a World Government, it is a World Forum to increase collaboration between Sovereign Alliances.

In short, we are the WOLF pack, welcome to a new age of CN:TE


For Roman Empire
Tiberius12, Emperor of the Roman Empire

For The Phoenix Federation
Burning Glory, Overlord

For The Fellowship
NeoGandalf, Emperor
Lord of Darkness, Regent

For Aeonic Imperium
Wanghis Kahn, Triumvir
RA2Leader, Triumvir
Infidel Israeli, Triumvir

For Orbit Black
eyerack, Leader
gary8, Minister of War
Sarasate, Minister of Recruitment
Qazzian, Minister of Internal Affairs
Emperor Stranger, Minister of Foreign Affairs

For Area 51
Area 51 was removed from WOLF on August 16, 2009 after they betrayed the pact

For The Red Guard
Sir Pwnage

Magicninja, Secretary General

For Global Democratic Alliance

For Spartan Defence Force
AndrewC202, Executive Chief of Spartan Operations

For Neverland Ranch

For The Black Hand
Josh Allsop, TBH Lord
EricPoulin, TBH Lord

For The Northern Lights
The Northern Lights was removed from WOLF on August 16, 2009 after they betrayed the pact

For Republic of White Nations
King Alias, Leader
Andorra 3, Consul of Foreign Affairs
ME VS U, Consul of War
VanDeVeer, Consul of Nation Building
Lizzardtheone, Consul of Recruitment
General Qru, Consul of Trade

For SOS Brigade
Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director
Milquetoast, ESPer and Mysterious Transfer Student
Mako Lim, Time Traveller and Brigade Mascot
Soviet Haruhi, Alien Supercomputer and Meganekko
Sareya, Ordinary Human and Errand Girl

For Box Vipers
imbored24470, Triumvir
Koel, Triumvir
KingWilliam, Triumvir

Box Vipers did not reform in Round Seven, and so was no longer a member of WOLF

For Sons of Anarchy