This alliance has disbanded. (Note: Some, not all, of wF went and formed Mortal Wombat on October 22, 2011.)
World Federation

Flag of the World Federation
wF Motto: "Its not arrogance, it's destiny"
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Enrage
Founded June 1, 2009
Alliance Leadership

  • Emperor: Char
  • Regent: N/A

The Ministries

  • Minister of Discussion: Compound
  • Deputy: Strelock
  • Minister of the Homeland: Baltus
  • Deputy: Vendetta
  • Minister of Security: Evil Lord Doom
  • Deputy: Cousins

The Directorates

  • Director of Education: Ruler of LZR
  • Director of Trade: Helga
  • Director of Recruitment: Chuck Norris
  • Director of Banking: Hardin

AllianceStats Statistics as of October 6, 2011

Total Nations 89
30-day net loss
Avg. Strength 40,372
Nukes 1,066
Rank 40
Score 13.79
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The World Federation (wF) is a primarily Green-based alliance on Planet Bob. It turned one year old on July 1, 2010. It was once the biggest non-sanctioned green team alliance with over 5 million NS. They were once the youngest alliance in the sanction race.


See Table Below

1-June 2009World Federation declares its existence
13-July 2009Enrage declares war on the Emperor of Golden Defense Core which would result in GDC disbanding
15-August 2009WF surpasses 1 million NS
20-September 2009WF reaches 2 million NS
17-October 2009WF is voted Best Rookie Alliance with a total of 69 votes.
30-November 2009Enrage declares war on UED. UED's leader removed from power and ultimately disbanded
1-January 2010Enrage retires; appoints Compound and Char as Regent
2-February 2010World Federation declares war on New Polar Order
21-March 2010Compound retires; Char becomes Emperor
4-September 2010WF surpasses 3 million NS
19-September 2010WF reaches 4 million NS
30-October 2010World Federation's 1000th Nuke milestone
8-November 2010World Federation wins the nuke tournament beating out all others.
15-December 2010WF reaches 5 million NS
21-January 2011World Federation declares war on STA which would escalate WF's war against the forces of NV & Nor

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