Worker's Advancement Party
Worker's Advancement Party of the Deltoran Republic
FoundedDecember 6, 2010
Fiscal positionCenter-left
Social positionRight
Party ChairmanTyler Jacobs
Vice Party ChairmanGreg Picni
HeadquartersOciania, DR
Official colors      Blue
Seats in the
- Branch of Representatives
- Approval

535 / 1,608

32 / 48

The Worker's Advancement Party of the Deltoran Republic is a political party based on the Worker's Advancement Party of the United States of JBR's system of promcapablicism. It was founded in December 6, 2010 when CINC-SAC Tyler Jacobs read an article written by Justin Vuong explaining the process and ideology of promcapablicism. Jacobs, a former member of the People's Party of Deltora, and Greg Picni formed the promcapablicist front in Deltora- The Worker's Advancement Party. The WAP supported President Roger Johnson, who was more tolerant of the system then the current President.
WAP-DR is the most popular promcapablisist party in the DR, while the other party, the Promcapablicist Party of Deltora prefers a more violent rebellion-type way to get free elections. The party is a member of the International Promcapablic Association and is recognized as the only recognized Deltoran-based promcapablic party.


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