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Abstract[edit | edit source]

Wootsauce is a small Aqua team alliance. The leader is Jord and the only rule is that tech raiding aligned nations is not permitted.

Wootsauce was largely unknown to the cyberverse until becoming involved in a war against MCXA and TAE in November, 2007.

We are an alliance founded by ex MHA members who have since moved on. Bored of the same old same old, wootsauce left to take a more enjoyable path of freedom.

Founding[edit | edit source]

Wootsauce was founded by ex-MHA members who either got bored of having no war in months, were planning on quitting the game and wanted to go to war, or disagreed with the way that the MHA rulers were running the alliance. The original founders of Wootsauce were KingDownyCounty and Yablecki, as they were the ones leading the movement from within MHA. Once established, Jord because the leader of MHA.

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