Flag of Woodlands.

Woodlands (Finn. Metsämaa, Russ. Лесное) is a smallish Uralican county that is in the west of Uralica. Its county seat is Veliski, which is home to around half of the county's population. Another 20% live in the second-largest town, Konosha, while a further 15% live in the next two largest towns. Many of the settlements outside these four are quite small and devoted to either farming, logging, or mining.

Woodlands county borders on West Uralica in the south and west, Kotlas county in the east, and Northwest Uralica in the north.

Its flag was actually designed by fellow TOOL ruler Alonicus. Jarkko Salomäki explains the significance of the design:

It was based on Nenetsia-North Uralica's flag, I won't deny that. However, the layering of this flag is meant to represent the woodlands that give the county its name, juxtaposed against the rivers that flow through the Woodlands, such as the Vel' and the Vaga. It was voted on in a plebiscite, and the people of Woodlands loved it - the vote was unanimous.

Important Cities and Towns Edit

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