Minister of Internal Affairs
of Vulgria

Green Protection Agency Minister of Internal Affairs
In office
1st of June 2014 – N/A
Preceded by Kurdanak
Succeeded by N/A

Born 17th April 1996
Chester, England
Nationality British
Residence British Citizen
Profession Student

Willems (Williams) created his nation on 19.06.11, joined the Green Protection Agency and has stayed a member ever since. In July of 2012, Williams looked after the runnings of the recruitment department unofficially for George Karn. George at the end of the term chose to decline his nominations for the next term. After Williams was nominated he accepted and started his first term as DoR from September 2012. In February of 2013, Williams was made HoHR an unofficial and unelected title and in May 2013 Williams was made the GPA's Ambassador to the Legion.In elections Williams has so far been only opposed in one election, of which he received a strong 66% majority.

On 11th of June, the position of Director of Recruitment was retired, the position was changed to Director of Human Resources, after the merge of HR and Recruitment into a new department. As the former unofficial Head of Human Resources at the same time as DoR, Williams did not have to be elected.This change, means that Williams was the last GPA DoR and the first GPA DoHR.

From the 26th of July 2013, Williams was appointed as the GPA Ambassador to the PPO.

On the 23rd of September 2013, Williams made the decision to step down from the position of DoHR, bringing an end to his 1 year position as the DoHR.

In November 2013, Williams chose to run for the position of Minister of Economics, he later stepped down from the election to fill the position of DoC. Williams choose to change his GPA forum name to Willems, in game it is still Williams.

During the nominations in May 2014 for the Summer term (June - August) Willems choose to run for MoIA, meaning that he would finish his tenure of the DoC after 6 months. Bladegolem asked Willems to be his assistant for the up coming term, quickly agreeing to the proposal.

During the summer term, due to the DoHR position being unfilled, Willems chose to take care of the role's responsibilities for the term as assistant Director of Human Resources. Willems after the summer term, decided to accept a nomination for MoIA. Unopposed in the election, with a 100% yes vote in favour, Willems continues to be the GPA Minister of Internal Affairs.

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