Who Said Imperialism was Dead?

Imperial Assault Alliance
The Imperial Order

Treaty Type: MDP
Treaty Signed: 6 September 2010
Treaty Canceled: 12 June 2011
Treaty Status: Canceled

Who Said Imperialism was Dead? was a MDP between the Imperial Assault Alliance and the Imperial Order. It was announced 6 September 2010 as an upgrade of An Empire is Born, and was canceled 12 June 2011.

Text of the Treaty Edit

Article I – Non-AgressionEdit

All members of the Imperial Order and the Imperial Assault Alliance agree not to partake in any activities that may be deemed aggressive towards one another; this includes spying, nuking, and all of that other fun stuff.

Article II – EconomicsEdit

All members of The Imperial Order and The Imperial Assault Alliance are encouraged to engage in economic stimulus with each other.

Article III – AssistanceEdit

Both alliances agree to defend one another from acts of aggression by outside parties.

Article IV – IntelligenceEdit

If either of the signing parties happens to receive information that may affect the other in any way, they are required to report this to the other promptly and privately.

Article V – Non ChainingEdit

This is a non-chaining treaty. If any alliance becomes part of a war, due to another, unrelated treaty, the other is not obligated, in any way to assist. Any military or financial aid is purely optional.

Article VI – AmendmentsEdit

Amendments to this treaty may be performed, based on agreement between the leaders of each alliance.

Article VII – CancellationEdit

*gasp* THE C-WORD! ~ Cancellation of this MDP requires 48 hours warning.


For the Imperial Assault Alliance

For the Imperial Order

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