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Freehold of The Wolves

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Christian Coalition of Countries
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We Are Perth Army

Siberian Tiger Alliance
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United Equestria
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Ender Order
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The white team is one of 13 colored teams on Planet Bob. \m/ was the first sanctioned alliance to ever exist on the white team. It lost that status when it disbanded on September 19, 2007. Since \m/ achieved sanction, several alliances on the white team have followed its footsteps. The Coalition of Defensive States, Atlantis, The Phoenix Federation, The Order of Light, and finally Freehold of The Wolves.

FTW, CCC, & Ender Order are currently the only active alliances on White Team.

On November 9th, 2020, FTW, CCC, & TPF signed the White Team Unity Accords. The WTU Accords is a senate agreement between these alliances. You can view the accords here: White Team Unity Accords


As of 1/19/2022, these alliances currently exist on the white sphere. Along with unaligned nations, the sphere totals 238 nations, 21,483,803 nation strength and a team score of 72.55.

Alliance Affiliation Founded Alliance Score
Dragonwolfnova.png Freehold of The Wolves (FTW) October 25th, 2017 71.53
Alliance Affiliation Founded Alliance Score
Flag of the Christian Coalition of Countries.svg Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC) April 27th, 2006 14.72
WAPA2.png We Are Perth Army (WAPA) October 23, 2006 4.85
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance.svg Siberian Tiger Alliance (STA) (Officially Disbanded) January 22, 2007 3.09
Flag of Shangri-La.png Shangri-La (SL) October 12, 2012 2.60
Ponyflag candidate1 announcementsize.jpg United Equestria August 13, 2011 0.87
Flag of the Ender Order.jpg Ender Order December 18th, 2021 0.20

Updated 5/21/2022


Those who are serving on the White Team Senate are listed below.

Current Senators: As of 5/21/2022:

Notable Rulers[]

Some rulers had a major impact on the events on the White team:

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Significant White Team Alliances
Under 20Ender OrderNSOUEWAPAShangri-La
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