White peace refers to when one or more alliances involved in an inter-alliance war agree to peace with one another without imposing any terms on one another.

However, in Cyber Nations this term is commonly used when an alliance doesn't admit defeat thereby it doesn't "surrender" since there is no admition of defeat. Despite there being no admition of defeat in a White Peace, a "no re-entry" clause is usually imposed upon the alliance receiving the White Peace; where they cannot rejoin the war they are leaving.

Examples of modern CN useEdit

"CN White Peace"Edit

Example of "CN White Peace" with a no re-entry clause attached was during the Disorder War when Siberian Tiger Alliance was granted White Peace by the Polar coalition but imposed a no re-entry clause upon STA in addition to no financial assistance to any alliance remaining in the conflict.

"true White Peace"Edit

An example of a "true White Peace", meaning a return to the status quo, was during the Disorder War when State of Unified Nations and The III Percent mutually agreed to end their wars together with no other terms attached giving leverage over one alliance.

See alsoEdit

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