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White Vipers of Haruhi
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Republic of White Nations

Box Vipers

SOS Brigade

The White Vipers of Haruhi is a Cyber Nations: Tournament Edition MDoAP bloc between the Republic of White Nations, the Box Vipers, and the SOS Brigade. It was signed on the 23rd of July, 2009 and came into effect immediately.
The bloc was dissolved at the end of Round Six, with the Box Vipers not reforming at the start of Round Seven, and with King Alias leaving the Republic of White Nations to start another alliance, the Black Cats.

The White Vipers of Haruhi[]

Article 1 - Mutual Defense[]

Should any of the signatories be attacked by a third party, the other two shall fight the aggressor until the defending alliance is given peace.

Article 2 - Optional Aggression[]

Should a signatory of this bloc decide to attack a third party, the other signatories have to the option of assisting them in battle.

Article 3 - Other Signatories[]

Should an alliance be deemed worthy of joining the awesomeness that is --this bloc-- they need but recieve a unanimous vote by the other signatories approving their inclusion into the bloc.


For the Republic of White Nations

  • King Alias, Leader
  • BOOGIEMAN, General
  • Andorra 3, Consul of Foreign Affairs
  • ME VS U, Consul of War
  • VanDeVeer, Consul of Nation Building
  • Lizzardtheone, Consul of Recruitment
  • General Qru, Consul of Trade

For the Box Vipers

  • imbored24470, Triumvir
  • Koel, Triumvir
  • KingWilliam, Triumvir

For the SOS Brigade

  • Arrnea, Brigade Chief and Ultra Director