White Horse Agreement

Siberian Tiger Alliance
Flag of the Siberian Tiger Alliance
Flag of Invicta

Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 11/13/2007
Treaty Canceled: unknown
Treaty Status: Canceled

The White Horse Agreement was a PIAT between the Siberian Tiger Alliance and Invicta. It was announced on November 13, 2007. It was later cancelled at an unknown date.

Text of the TreatyEdit


In honour of the long developed relationship between The Siberian Tiger Alliance (STA) and Invicta, we hereby agree to the following terms.

Section IEdit

The governments and constituent members of the signatory alliances remain sovereign from each other.

Section IIEdit

The below signed agree not to authorize or condone attacks by a member of one signatory on another. If a nation is found to be in violation of this they will be ordered to offer peace and pay reparations equal to the damages done. Should the offending nation refuse either peace or reparations they are declared a rogue and no longer a member of their alliance.

Section IIIEdit

Members of Invicta and STA agree to remain civil to each other, especially in public forums.

Section IVEdit

  • Part A: Neither alliance will conduct or condone espionage against the other.
  • Part B: If a signatory obtains information regarding a direct threat to the other signatory, they will immediately notify the government of the other alliance, providing the relevant information. The source may be disclosed at the original recipient's discretion.

Section VEdit

Should a signatory alliance find itself in a defensive war, the other signatory is encouraged to provide military and/or financial aid where possible. Such aid, while desirable, is not mandatory.

Section VIEdit

Should the need be found to cancel this treaty, the cancelling alliance will provide written notification to the other alliance 48 hours prior to enforcement of the cancellation.


For Invicta

For the Siberian Tiger Alliance

  • Crown Prince Mishka of Tygaland, Supreme Chancellor
  • Rocco31fb of Nation of Rawk, Chancellor
  • Shardie, Secretary to the Supreme Chancellor
  • Nicky Firenight of Zulchep, Consilium Tigris
  • Boomhower of Octoid, Consilium Tigris
  • Lammoth of Condatis, Consilium Tigris
  • Dirol of The Jin Dynasty, Consilium Tigris
  • Uhtred of Norse, Consilium Tigris
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