Whistlin' Dixie War
Date June 16 - June 28, 2014
Casus belli Diplomacy break-down after Kashmir pursuit of rogue Stonewall14
Result White peace
Preceded by
Beer Guzzlers War
Succeeded by
AZTEC-Riot Society War
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Los Pollos Hermanos
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The Death Remnants
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Limitless Nexus Flag.gif Methrage

Flag of Kashmir.jpg SirWilliam
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Flag of Los Pollos Hermanos.jpg Rey the Great

†Death Remnants declared peace June 26

The Whistlin' Dixie War began on June 16, 2014, after diplomacy broke down between Kashmir and Limitless Nexus regarding Kashmir's pursuit of nuclear rogue Stonewall14.

Background[edit | edit source]

Stonewall14 (of Dixie Cove), former Hangman (MoD) of Kashmir, was involved in a dispute within Kashmir which later led to his going nuclear rogue on them in May of 2014. This dispute manifested itself on the OWF in threads such as Kashmir's anniversary announcement, stonewall14's thread searching for another alliance to join, and a bounty offer by stonewall14 on a Kashmir member. In response, Kashmir began a campaign of prosecution against stonewall14.

Shortly thereafter, Rey the Great created an OWF thread offering a bounty on Knights111 for insulting him on the forums. Eventually, the tables were turned on Rey the Great as, by the end of the month, a bounty on his nation was offered by Methrage. This bounty was eventually collected by Xanth of SRA during the Beer Guzzlers War; however, Methrage elected to continue the campaign against Rey, and sought nations of apprpriate strength level to carry on the campaign. Stonewall14 agreed to join Methrage's alliance, Limitless Nexus, and to continue the war against Rey the Great.

Kashmir, however, had not yet relinquished their campaign on stonewall14, and renewed their attacks against him. Methrage claimed that, despite its presence on the OWF, he was unaware of any Kashmir/stonewall14 conflict when he accepted him, and began negotiations with Kashmir to release stonewall 14. Though an agreement was within reach, negotiations broke down, and Limitless Nexus recognized hostilities with Kashmir in an OWF announcement that quickly broke down into a series of accusations and counter accusations.

The War[edit | edit source]

The war proceeded as wars of this ilk generally do: Limited Nexus, outnumbered and able to nuke multiple targets, did disproportionate damage to Kashmir's superior numbers. As the war drug on, however, Methrage and co.'s warchests began to feel the strain, and gradually Kashmir wore their enemy down. Berbers of NATO entered the fray against Methrage on June 21.

Knights111, who originally joined Limited Nexus, accepted war aid from Methrage and then formed yet another alliance (The Death Remnants), and, following several announcements that he was at war with Limitless Nexus, finally entered the war against his former alliance on June 23, 2014; whereupon he was promptly raided by GOONS, among other alliances. In a plot twist, Rey the Great, who a month earlier had offered a bounty on Knights111, was now protecting him.

After three days, The Death Remnants declared early peace after devastation and constant raiding. They were involved in the war, and Methrage offered them peace, so after some negotiation it was ended.

Effective as of June 28 12 AM Server Time Kashmir granted white peace to Limitless Nexus.

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