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Whispering Silence
Whispering Silence intertitle

Original Run
September 30, 2803 - present
Created by
Marc Lavery

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Whispering Silence is a Vaniveran teen, young adult television drama created by Marc Lavery. The show premiered on September 30, 2803, on The WM Television Network and stars Alexandre Michael Capet, Élisabeth van Midas, Hilarie Ross, Kyan Bush, Bethany Aarons, and James van Midas-Capet.

The show follows the lives of characters Dylan Lucas, Brooke Reynolds, Anna Carter, Brad Scott, Hailey Marsh, and Chandler Lucas.


Dylan Lucas[]

Dylan Jason Lucas is the primary protagonist of the series in seasons 1-5. Portrayed by Alexandre Michael Capet, Dylan Lucas is an aspiring author living in the fictional town of Charleston, Coruvel. The show follows the on-off relationship between Dylan and Brooke, from their romantic moments to their separations. Their relationship enters the next stage in season four, when Dylan proposes to Brooke during their vacation to Nevers. In season five, Brooke gives birth to their first child, Chandler Lucas.

The series was mainly told from Dylan's point of view up until season five, when Capet was forced to temporarily leave the show due to conflicts with his duties as the monarch of Vanivere. However, in season seven, Dylan Lucas returns from living in New York City on Earth, but the character is no longer telling the story from his point of view. Now, it is told from all the main characters' views.

Since Dylan's return to Charleston, the character has renewed his vows to Brooke and has begun spending much more time with Chandler.

Brooke Reynolds[]

Brooke Victoria Marsden Lucas (née Reynolds), also known as Brooke Reynolds Lucas, is the primary love interest of Dylan Lucas in the series and is the mother to Chandler Lucas. Portrayed by Élisabeth van Midas, Brooke was originally known as the "popular girl" at Charleston High, but she was secretly a loving and misunderstood young girl. But having made friends with Anna and Dylan, Brooke has become one of the nicer students at Charleston High School.

After high school graduation in season three, Brooke enrolls in the fictional University of Charleston. During her time in college, Brooke becomes engaged to Dylan Lucas and marries him at the end of season four. In season five, Brooke becomes pregnant with her first child, Chandler. But just after Chandler is born at the end of the season, Dylan moves away from Charleston to New York City on Earth. Though not actually separated, Brooke and Dylan's relationship becomes strained over the next two years.

In season seven, upon the return of Dylan, Brooke's relationship with her husband begins to repair and the two renew their vows on Charleston's beach.

Anna Carter[]

Bradley Scott[]

Hailey Marsh[]

Chandler Lucas[]