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Socialist Imperial Dominion of Wellow (October–November 2009)
Union of Wellecian Militant Republics (February–October 2009)
National Flag
"For thee, we shall achieve, oh great and nobel Fatherland! "
Wellow Map
Capital Mansen-St. Jonathan
Largest City Pittsburgh
Official languagess English, Russian
Demonym Wellecian
Government Dictatorship
- Premier Phillip Joseph Rukeski
- Emperor Emmanuel I
- Unification
- Breakup of Wellow

5 February 2009
25 November 2009
Major Religions No official religion
Total Area 10542 mi²
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
424,130,246 (estimated)
Currency Wellecian Pound (WE£)
Literacy Rate 90%
Internet TLD .co.we
Driving Lane Right and Left

Wellow is a defunct independent soveriegn alliance nation that was defunct in November 2009. Wellow was very large and consumed most of the area of the now "Confederacy of Wellecian Nations" which is an allicance comprising of San Stravinsky, Baja, and Halfsrtat. Nothing much is know about Wellow due to loss of documents, but more information is collecting.

Wellecian Republics (Now Nations)Edit

  • People's Republic of Baja California
  • Republic of San Stravinsky
  • Saint Jonathan Wellecian Militant Republic
  • Canadian Wellecian Militant Republic
  • Yucatan - Mayan Democratic Dominion
  • West Caribbean State
  • Haitian - Dominican Republic
  • East Caribbean State
Wellow District Map

A Map of the Districts of Wellow

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