This alliance has disbanded.
Warriors of Independent Nations
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Jack Whiterstein
Founded March 30, 2007

AllianceStats Statistics as of April 07, 2007

Total Nations 2
Strength 3,853
Avg. Strength 1,926
Nukes 0
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Warriors of Independent Nations was founded by Jack Whiterstein on March 30, 2007 after the disbanding on the /b/ alliance. It was created as a place of refuge for those displaced by the sudden disbanding.

WIN promotes a netrual attiude towards most things happening in CyberNations currently. We wish to remain peaceful towards all other alliances.

Charter Edit


The WIN alliance does not seek to engage in war. An attack on one WIN member shall be considered an attack on all WIN members and considered a declaration of war.

The Warlord is our commander and chief; he is given full power to authorize the use of military force in the defense of the alliance and its interests. Any failure to follow a direct order from the Warlord, or War Chief, is grounds for being banned.

Nuclear Weapons

The purchase of nuclear weapons will not be challenged by the Warlord, but the terms of the use will be decided by only the Warlord. The use of nuclear weapons will be decided by the opposing faction. No member of the WIN alliance may help a rogue nation with nuclear capabilities.


The WIN alliance takes cheating seriously. Any member nation found to own multiple nations, or found hacking will automatically be banned from the alliance.

Our Government

1. The Warlord – he is the highest rank in the chain of command. He is the only one who holds executive powers and can decide if the alliance may go to war. He is accompanied by his council members on the decisions.

2. The War Chief – second in command of the alliance. He reports only to the Warlord. He collects the opinions of the council members and presents them directly to the Warlord. From there the Warlord may make a decision that best represents the entire alliance. Second in line for the title of Warlord.

3. The Council – The council is formed from the three necessary ministers:

  • 3A. The Minister of Defense – Coordinates the defense of the alliance. Will be in charge of proposing ways to help better the military of WIN. Third in line for the title of Warlord.
  • 3B. The Minister of Foreign Affairs – Sets up foreign embassies, and manages those here. Fourth in line for the title of Warlord
  • 3C. The Minister of Commerce – Manages the AIDS given out to the alliance. Also manages the banker nations. Fifth in line for the title of Warlord.

Each of the ministers will be allowed to have a small staff of members for each ministry.

Amendments and Treaties Any amendments or treaties must pass approval in this order:

  • Warlord <-War Chief <-Council Members

Histroy Edit

On April 10, we mergered with the Northern Treaty Organization.

Government Edit

Name: Jack Whiterstein
Nation: Gyuard
Position: Warlord

Name: Jaramillo
Nation: letan
Position: War Chief

Name: N/A
Nation: N/A
Position: Minister of Defense

Name: N/A
Nation: N/A
Position: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Name: N/A
Nation: N/A
Position: Minister of Commerce

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