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Warhawk, or simply hawk, is an unofficial slang term for a person who craves and advocates for war at every opportunity.

Presumptive explanations[]

The most common explanation for the existence of warhawks is that in an out-of-character sense, many nation rulers find war and the complicated robertopolitics surrounding it to be the most exciting part of the game, and therefore the primary reason to play.

Other possible explanations may include:

  • The desire to attack specific nations or alliances due to in-game ill-will.
  • Desire for a visibly high causality count on the nation bio screen, as some players view high causalities as a "badge of honor".
  • The potential to acquire wealth through combat.


The public response to the TPF War was illustrative of common warhawk politics. Many warhawks had hoped that the war would escalate into a large global conflict that would provide weeks or months of entertainment. When the war came to what warhawks considered a premature conclusion, many spoke out against the conflict and have termed it the "Worst War Ever", or "WWE". Such large numbers of hawks used the term that "WWE" is now well understood by both hawks and doves to be in reference to that specific conflict.