War on Brown Terrorism
Date February 4, 2016 - January 16, 2019
Casus belli aNiMaLz attacks on SNX members
Result White peace declared between LPCN and SNX
Preceded by
SNX-aNiMaLz War
Succeeded by

Flag of SNX
Supernova X

Doom Kingdom Flag
Doom Kingdom

Doom Squad
Doom Squad

Vae Victis
Vae Victis

Flag of the Libertarian Socialist Federation
Libertarian Socialist Federation

Placeholder Flag
The Crimson Army

Placeholder Flag
Together As One


Limitless Nexus Flag
Limitless Nexus

Monsters, Inc. Flag
Monsters, Inc.

The War on Brown Terrorism was Supernova X's name for an offensive to end what they perceived as continued attacks and provocations by the libertarian forces on the Brown sphere. Although SNX had been attacked only by ANiMaLz, they preemptively extended their offensive against other perceived libertarian entities such as Limitless Nexus. Libertarian forces saw this war as continued persecution of them for their efforts to ensure freedom and liberty on the Brown sphere.


This war was a result of the SNX-aNiMaLz War. The NAP/peace treaty that ended that war was unilaterally cancelled by SNX less than a month after it was signed, a sign of the deterioration of inter-alliance relations of the signatories.Following the cancellation, Sephiroth (AKA Methrage) leader of Limitless Nexus and leader of the LPCN, posted a public trial for Immortan Junka, leader of SNX. In this thread Sephiroth (AKA Methrage) accused Junka of betrayal, called for his removal as leader of SNX, and advised SNX ally Doom Kingdom to cancel their protectorate treaty with SNX. Hostilities commenced forthwith.

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