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War of the Coalition
Date August 11, 2008 — September 11, 2008
Casus belli GGA attacks Hyperion, who allegedly aided a reroll of a nation that is on GGA's EZI list. Coalition attacks NpO, claiming a list of transgressions.
Result Overall Coalition Victory
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Universalis-Poseidon War

The Continuum

One Vision

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The SuperFriends

The Trident

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Overlord's Protectorate Pact



League of Extraordinary Oranges

Orange Unity Treaty

Power Rangers

Common Defense Treaty


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Friends > Infra / Gambit

Blue Leadership Ensuring Unity

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Complaints and Grievances Union

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  • UnknownFlag.png SONS
Day 1: GGA, Valhalla

Nations: 652
Total NS: 9,935,411
Nukes: 1,088
Average NS: 19,683
Score: 40.2

Day 2: + TORN, OR, ML, Elysium, Sparta, BAPS

Nations: 1,503
Total NS: 25,494,423
Nukes: 3,718
Average NS: 19,105
Score: 101.3

Day 3: + RoK, NPO, MCXA, TOP, Grämlins, IRON, FOK, TPF, R&R, Fark, MHA, NATO, Invicta, PC, Umbrella, Py, DefCon, Andromeda, OPP

Nations: 7,436
Total NS: 139,035,264
Nukes: 21,718
Average NS: 23,338
Score: 544.34

Day 1: Hyperion

Nations: 70
Total NS: 1,323,222
Nukes: 96
Average NS: 18,903
Score: 5.17

Day 2: + NpO, GR, SOLID

Nations: 910
Total NS: 17,396,127
Nukes: 1,930
Average NS: 17,318
Score: 67.86

Day 3: + NV, OcUK, Genesis, PUKE, Vox Populi, Atarax, MK, STA, Athens

Nations: 1,718
Total NS: 33,742,679
Nukes: 4,786
Average NS: 18,455
Score: 131.14

* Mostly Harmless Alliance and North Atlantic Treaty Organization are listed under The Trident, but are also members of the Continuum

Farkistan is listed under the SuperFriends, but is also a member of The Trident

Valhalla is listed under the Continuum, but is also a member of Poseidon

§ The Phoenix Federation is listed under the Continuum, but is also a member of Overlord's Protectorate Pact

FOK is listed under League of Extraordinary Oranges, but is also a member of the Continuum and The Orange Unity Treaty.

R&R is listed under League of Extraordinary Oranges, but is also a member of The SuperFriends

NPO, MCXA, and IRON are listed under the Continuum, but are also members of One Vision

# UPN, and Invicta are listed under Poseidon, but are also members of the Common Defense Treaty.

~ Ragnarok is listed under the SuperFriends, but is also a member of the Common Defense Treaty.

£ TOP and IRON are listed under the Continuum, but are also members of the the Orange Unity Treaty.

© Grämlins, Old Guard and TOP are listed under Citadel, but are also members of the Continuum.

¥ CPCN is listed under Power Rangers, but is also a member of the Orange Unity Treaty.

Element did not issue a formal declaration of war but engaged OTF nations.

The War of the Coalition (WotC), or War of the First Coalition, originally the GGA-Hyperion War, also known as Great War V, the Great Polar War, or the noCB War, and also referred to as the Second Patriotic War by the New Polar Order, was a global military conflict in Cyber Nations from August 11 to September 11, 2008. The primary combatants were divided into two groups: The Coalition, led by the Continuum and One Vision, and Friends > Infra (sometimes styled Friends Before Infra or FBI), also called Gambit, led by Blue Leadership Ensuring Unity.

The war began when the Grand Global Alliance attacked Hyperion for conducting a tech deal with a reroll of a member of their Eternal-ZI list. Various alliances and blocs then entered the war for various reasons, some directly relating to the GGA-Hyperion conflict, and some for other reasons, most notably the Coalition's attack of the New Polar Order for various reasons.

For a list of individuals who fought in the War of the Coalition see: Category:War of the Coalition veteran.


While the conflict initially started as GGA - Hyperion War, the entrance of the Continuum and BLEU updated the conflict's title to BLEU - Continuum War.

Great War V had been suggested as a title, but many felt did not fit considering the number of different conflicts between alliances, and there was no one side fighting against the other for the same cause. Despite this fact, the number of alliances involved easily trumps that of the First Great War and the Second Great War. For this reason, many argue that it is an appropriate title. The term Great War V, abbreviated GWV, is often used by many alliances, especially in IRC, to refer to the war.

The term, Great Polar War has also been suggested as a possible name for the war. Some call it the Great Polar War because the main combatants in the war was the Continuum vs. BLEU. Because the New Polar Order was the strongest alliance on BLEU at the time of the war, some call it the Great Polar War.

The War of the First Coalition (or just War of the Coalition) is being used as a title for this conflict for two reasons, one being that it gives direct reference to the side of The Continuum- and One Vision-led Coalition. The other reason is that the actual War of the First Coalition was fought between the powers of Europe and France, the former trying to undo the ideas of the French Revolution and restore the French Monarchy. Many of the Friends > Infra / Gambit side claim to be partaking in a major revolution, be it a literal revolution of the allegedly oppressed community, or just a drastic change of the Cyber Nations landscape.

A debate occurring recently in the Cyber Nations community, mostly on the forums, is between the name "The War Of The Coalition", and "The NoCB war" which is also another name for this war being that many claim the Casus Belli against Hyperion was false or over-exaggerated, thus the name war coined by the Friends > Infra side. As the debate still continues, there is no official name to be given to this conflict at this time. Many, however, feel that this name is biased.

The Second Patriotic War is the official name given to the conflict in the New Polar Order. The argument behind this name is that the alliance patriotically stood up against the overwhelming force in the most devastating war they have ever participated in.


Many key events happened during this war on a day by day basis, for a timeline of this war see Timeline of the War of the Coalition.

Hyperion Conflict[]

Hyperion, was a subject of controversy during the Pacifica-Polaris Dispute. The New Polar Order had initially offered protectorate status to Hyperion, controversially characterized by its critics in the public as an "Atlantis remake", before "handing over" the protectorate deal to Greenland Republic.

During the weekend of August 9, GGA and Valhalla leadership became aware of Chickenzilla's reroll and his activities within Mushroom Kingdom. From logs provided by Epiphanus of Hyperion, GGA and Valhalla told Hyperion to discover who had been involved with Chickenzilla during his time in Hyperion and Mushroom Kingdom. While Epiphanus claims through the provided logs that he did gather information about Chickenzilla's activities, Valhalla and GGA seemingly found the information unsubstantial and not enough to vindicate Hyperion in the matter.

On August 11, the government of Hyperion ordered their member nations to begin the transition to peace mode due to what they interpreted as an impending attack on their alliance. Upon discovering Hyperion's apparent jump to peace mode, the Grand Global Alliance and Valhalla immediately declared war over two hours earlier than update.

BLEU - Continuum Conflict[]

Chickenzilla, one of the founders of Atlantis, has been the subject of controversy in Cyber Nations for a number of reasons. Most recently he was the subject of a private exchange (made public by the Sponge-Ardus Logs) between the Viridian Entente and the New Polar Order during the Pacifica-Polaris Dispute.

On July 7, Chickenzilla was removed from the New Polar Order and announced he was quitting Cyber Nations. He would later emerge as a reroll named Heinz and revealed in a conversation between himself and Roflcopter that he had joined Mushroom Kingdom. Mushroom Kingdom was unaware of Heinz's true identity.

While the disposal of Electron Sponge and the subsequent ascension of AlmightyGrub seemingly ended the dispute between the Orders, many allies were still wary of Polaris and treated her with a watchful eye throughout the month of July. Meanwhile, the NpO moved forums and attempted to repair its suffering reputation.

After the end of the dispute between the Orders, a number of players within the community complained of boredom, pointing the finger at any possible cause. Several high profile players, including Doitzel, Rebel Virginia, Schattenmann, Starfox101, and Cheyenne posted goodbye threads in the Open World Forum, citing a lack of enthusiasm for playing Cyber Nations any longer.

Shortly after the exodus of those high profile players, VE sponsored the ZI Peace Pact, a treaty on which several alliances, including Ragnarok, and the Siberian Tiger Alliance, promised to never sentence any individual to a permanent zero infrastructure status (Perma-ZI or PZI). The VE would later join the war by honoring their treaty obligations with TORN and declare on Mushroom Kingdom.

War of the First Coalition[]

On August 14, a coalition consisting of MCXA, TOP, Grämlins, Umbrella, FOK!, R&R, and FARK declared war on NpO, citing "threats of destruction, attempts to split the Continuum and bring war upon the Citadel, for attacks upon our treaty partners, and for other numerous and great slights against our friends and allies". No proof was ever brought to the public regarding these charges which leads to some claiming that the large majority of alliances declaring war did so without any knowledge of the reasoning behind the war. Other coalition alliances were paired up against NpO's allies, which were expected to come to their defense. The coalition contended they were unrelated to the GGA/Valhalla attack on Hyperion, however many alliances hold that the conflicts are one and the same. The attack was claimed to be a response to a long history of threats and trolling by members of NpO against alliances of the coalition, including offenses against the alliances of VE, TOP and Grämlins shortly before the war. The update attack was among the largest in CN history, with well over 2,000 wars declared within 20 minutes.

By day three the war was at its height with RoK, NPO, MCXA, TOP, Grämlins, IRON, FOK, TPF, R&R, Fark, MHA, NATO, Invicta, PC, Umbrella, Py, DefCon, Andromeda, OPP being drawn into the conflict on the "Coalition" side to fight, assist or defend against NV, OcUK, Genesis, PUKE, Vox Populi, Atarax, MK, STA, Athens, NpO, GR, SOLID, and Hyperion who's side would become known as "Friends > Infra / Gambit".

Coalition Victory[]

On September 11, all major fighting alliances on Friends > Infra / Gambit had surrendered. As OcUK maintains a policy of never surrendering and neither Vox Populi nor HoG are seeking, nor do most believe they will be granted peace, the main part of the war was effectively ended with an overall Coalition victory. In the end many F>I/G alliances now face paying large reparations to the Coalition victors. During the conflict only three alliances merged or disbanded.

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