A nation's war/peace preference determines whether or not the nation can engage in war. The option is not available in the Tournament Edition of Cyber Nations.

Basics Edit

The peace/war preference allows a nation to choose whether they are willing to go to war in the game. If the nation is peaceful, it is neither allowed to declare war or have war declared upon it. If a nation's preference is set to having war as an option, it may declare war and have war declared upon it.

Peace Disadvantages Edit

Newly registered nations have a seven day "grace period" that will allow them to remain peaceful without any penalties taken upon them.

Nations older than a week, however, do receive penalties for remaining in peace mode over various amounts of time.

  • 3 Days - Pop. happiness -3
  • 5 Days - Pop. happiness -5
  • 7 Days - Pop. happiness -6
  • 9 Days - Pop. happiness -7
  • 11 Days - Pop. happiness -8
  • 13 Days - Pop. happiness -9

There is also an additional economic penalty on top of the population happiness penalty if your nation is in peace mode for more than five days. A nation in peace mode may not send foreign aid; however, it will be allowed to continue to receive foreign aid. Nations that are in peace mode may purchase up to two navy vessels per day compared to nations that are in war mode who may purchase up to five navy vessels per day. In order to exit peace mode nations are required to collect taxes on the day that they wish to change out of peace mode.

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