Wall Street Hula Dancers

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Treaty Type: PIAT
Treaty Signed: 12/27/2007
Treaty Terminated: Unknown
Treaty Status: Defunct

The Wall Street Hula Dancers was a PIAT between Valhalla and Invicta. It was announced on March 11, 2008. It was later cancelled at an unknown date.

Text of the TreatyEdit


A treaty by and between Invicta and Valhalla


Investors and brokers were treated to a surprise one cold day in 1984, when some Arkansan in his 70s celebrated his company exceeding expectations by putting on a grass skirt and doing a hula dance on Wall Street. That's impressed two fellow overachievers–Invicta and Valhalla–so much that both alliances are going to form their own troupe of Wall Street Hula Dancers.

Article OneEdit

1.1 Invicta and Valhalla agree to respect each other's hula dancing space and will not attempt to steal the spotlight from the other, nor attempt to get a peak of what's under the grass skirt.
1.2 Should one hula dancer attempt to steal another dancer's spotlight, both alliances shall undertake measures to assure the slighted dancer is recompensed and the slighting dancer offers apologies or is promptly canned from the performance.

Article TwoEdit

Should either troupe become aware of an effort by a third party to pull down the grass skirt of a hula dancer while on stage, they shall inform the other alliance with haste.

Article ThreeEdit

Should either alliance be in need of additional grass for their hula skirts, they may ask the other alliance to provide assistance by means of either mowing down grass needed for the skirts or supplying replacement skirts from the clearance rack next to the stationery aisle. However, fulfilling such requests are not mandated, nor may it be grounds for dissolving the troupe.

Article FourEdit

Invicta and Valhalla recognize the importance hula dancing is for generating prosperity among them and other purple alliances, and agree to open dialogue with each other as well as other purple alliances and nations on developing a strong economic sphere. Further, both alliances recognize that, as the premier troupes on Purple, one hula dance from the other alliance shall serve as his/her respective alliance's representative on Purple Team Senate.

Article FiveEdit

Should either alliance prefer to take up tap dancing or ballet lessons, they shall notify the other alliance 96 hours in advance of dissolving the troupe.


Invicta and Valhalla hereby declare Sam Walton the man.


For Valhalla

For Invicta

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