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Date September 18, 2006 — September 21, 2006
Result TAGA/RIA Victory, WMT weakened, WMT charter amended to disallow attacks on aligned nations
Team Allied Guardians Alliance

MDC Random Insanity Alliance

War Making Tyrants

TAGA/RIA Declaration of War[]

Ladies and Gentlemen of CN, it has come to our attention that an alliance known as the War Making Tyrants are constantly and without warning attacking unaligned nations without just cause. TAGA views this as rogue actions and they will be taken as such. At 11:45 this evening, TAGA armed forces along with our allies the RIA will cross the borders of all known WMT nations to issue a deadly Pre-Emptive strike against the rogue alliance. We have decided that we will not sit idly by and watch as rogues stalk the peaceful nations of the cyberverse. For those of you who would speak out against this act, we have proof of the tyrannical wars the WMT was engaging in on a day to day basis. This is all piled on top of the fact that the WMT has been spying on other alliances, an issue upon which TAGA and its allies take great offense. Finally, because we are new at the politics of CN and did not want to jump into a needless war, we consulted a major sanctioned alliance and have their approval as well as support. As of now, we are at war.

  • Tulak Hord, TAGA President
  • Greatmagnus, TAGA General
  • Rebel_Strike, TAGA General
  • Prozach, Brigadier General
  • Shyox, Grand Leader of the RIA

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