The "Vorkuta Or Bust" (Finn. Vorokuta tai kämmi, Russ. Воркута иначе Фиаско) movement was started by nationalistic elements (mostly Komi) within Uralica, who wanted to see Uralica's borders envelop at least the outermost extremities of the former Komi Republic, including the major city of Vorkuta. Contrary to popular belief, this movement didn't really care about other homelands, with the possible exception of Udmurtiya because of the fact that its outermost regions are already within Uralica's borders.

The movement was a non-violent one and was even semi-sanctioned by Jarkko Salomäki, who recommended that one or two of its strongest supporters be nominated for seats in Boards and even the Tribal Council.

The movement and official organisation behind it officially disbanded in August of 2009, when Uralica annexed the cities of Inta and Vorkuta.

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