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Voobaha Memorial Stadium (2009)

Voobaha Memorial Stadium (Voobahian: Monumento Stadiono Voobahiana) colloquially "The Blue House", is a modern, multi-use, stadium with an all-seated capacity of 74,100. It is the Voobaha's largest facility befitting the role of Tillery as the center of events in the region. Located in Gardnerville, a suburb north west of Tillery, it was completed in 2009, and was inaugurated by King Martin I on 17 May that year.

Scheduled to open on 1 May, minor damage sustained to the newly-finished construction during the Karma War postponed the inauguration ceremonies for nearly three weeks.


Interior view from Section 16 lower level

The stadium serves as the home of Voobaha's National football team, as well as hosting concerts and other large spectator events.