Cyber Nations Wiki
FoundedHazlittburg, Austrian Utopia
June 24, 2009
HeadquartersHazlittburg, Austrian Utopia
Number of locations4 Factories
Area servedWorldwide
Key peopleMartin Greenberg, CEO
IndustryTechnology Production
Revenue 180,000,000
Profit 140,640,000
SubsidiariesVolkstech Labor, Volkstech Fabrik

Volkstech was founded in June of 2009 to supply the technology needs of the people of Austrian Utopia – the first company of greater Volksfirma.

Company History[]

On June 24, 2009, it became the first company to sell technology to a country. It workers are paid the highest in the industry – but some of the older factories are outdated and dangerous. The company repairs and replaces factory components every 5 years, regardless of its ware and tear. The policy has been the point of criticism from outsiders, but those that work for the company feel that it is the best, for the workers are paid considerably more a year, and medical crews are stationed in the factories for a quick response team.

Highest Paid Persons[]

  1. Philip McCalister
    • Philip is a native of Scotland and received his doctorate from Harvard Medical school in America. He is the head of the medical department of Volkstech, which trains and organizes the medical response units in the company.
    • He is paid 100,000 Euros a year, plus 10,000 Euros for every member he trains up to 300,000 Euros.
  2. Martin Greenberg
    • CEO Martin Greenberg is the second highest paid employee of Volkstech. His salary is 250,000 Euros a year.