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Vladimir Domo De Dovo
Vladimir Domo De Dovo

Official portrait of King Domo De Dovo

Assumed office
January 14, 2010
Prime Minister Dmitry Oblastikov
Patrick Kingrichki
Preceded by None

Assumed office
January 14, 2010
Preceded by None

Founder of Jaduka

Born September 14, 1965 (age 58)
Rostovi Corner, Crimea Iso
Royal House House of Domo De Dovo
Spouse Svetlana Kobravski
Children Vladimir Domo De Dovo II, Svetlana Domo De Dovo II

King Vladimir Domo De Dovo is the current king of the Jaduka and has reigned since January 14, 2010. He is the only son of Nikolas Domo De Dovo. King Vladimir is a now retired military general of the once mighty country of Crimea Iso.

King Vladimir led his people to secede from Crimea Iso and founded the state of Jaduka in place of the North Province on January 14, 2010. Also on this day, the Jadukastag was established and he appointed Dmitry Oblastikov as Prime Minister.

Personal life[]


Vladimir Domo De Dovo was born at Rostovi General Hospital in Rostovi Corner, the capital of Crimea Iso, to Nikolas and Lissa Domo De Dovo.

Childhood, Education, and Career[]

Domo De Dovo attended Rostovi Prep School from Kindergarten. He, however, aspired to be a soldier. Even at a young age he had mastered combat tactics and often played and beat his friends in wargames involving miniature soldiers.

When he reached age of consent (17), Domo De Dovo joined the Crimean Army. He went to Nurth Purt Officer Academy and became a commissioned officer in 1982. During the BLEU-NADC War, Domo De Dovo was second in command under General Jakarta. After orchestrating the Crimean offensive into TheBlueCat he was promoted to General of the North Province.


While at the Nurth Purt Academy, Domo De Dovo met his, soon to be, wife Svetlana Kobravski. She was born in Nurth Purt and had been going to college there to become a teacher. After Domo De Dovo graduated from the academy, he was deployed overseas. Upon returning, he proposed to Svetlana and there wedding was held at the Rostovi Grand Cathedral. Ironically, both Vladimir and Svetlana are agnostic.


Domo De Dovo Independence Announcement

Domo De Dovo during his "Independence Speech."

Vladimir Domo De Dovo's reign began on January 14, 2010.

Duties as King[]

See: King of Jaduka


Although a monarch, a more casual approach is taken when addressing the King of Jaduka. Officially, he is His Majesty, the 1st King and Founder of Jaduka, Head of the House of Domo De Dovo, Vladimir Domo De Dovo. However, official documents show the King referred to simply as, King Vladimir, King Domo De Dovo, and even just by his name.

Jadukan Independence[]

On January 14, 2010, Vladimir Domo De Dovo spoke on the steps of the Jadukastag Building and gave his famous "Independence Speech" to the people of Jadukagrad effectivily declaring Jaduka independent from Crimea Iso and Vaule.