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His Excellence
Vladimir Dmitri Ashford IV
Vladimir D

Assumed office
24 January 2010
Preceded by Office Created

Born 9 September 1968 (age 55)
London, England
Political party British Conservative Party
Spouse Sarah Ashford
Children James Ashford
Alma mater University of Cambridge
Religion Roman Catholic

Vladimir Dmitri Ashford IV (born 9 September 1968 in London, England) is the 1st and current Head of State of the Republic of London. He was formerly a royal military advisor to Queen Elizabeth until her untimely death, with the rest of the royal family. Ashford spearheaded all recovery efforts of the kingdom of Great Britain, but after Scotland, Ireland, and Wales all seceded Ashford was thrust in front of the spotlight after his deposition of Gordon Brown. After drafting the constitution of the republic, he was elected by a majority of 3% as Head of State, with the Conservatives taking leads in almost every office.