Virtuous War
Date Start (PPF): Nov. 15, 2008
Start (RIA): Nov. 18, 2008
End: End of November
Result White peace; Virtuoso weakened
Preceded by
Nebula-KoA War
Succeeded by
Power War
Placeholder Flag
Random Insanity Alliance

Global Order of Darkness
War flag of the Global Order of Darkness Prism Protection Front
PPFwar Vox Populi
VoxFlagcopy2 WWC
Placeholder Flag

Nations: 5
Total NS: 4,222
Nukes: 0
Average NS: 844
Score: 0.07

523 land
743 Infra.
184 tech
4,649 soldiers
333 tanks
2 cruise missiles
40 Aircraft
0 ships

Nations: 151
Total NS: 3,024,454
Nukes: 240
Average NS: 20,029
Score: 11.83

163,175 land
630,177 Infra.
97,329 tech
2,574,095 soldiers
127,633 tanks
1,067 cruise missiles
5,032 Aircraft
980 ships

The Virtuous War, or the RIA-Virtuoso War (code name Operation Virtuous Sunshine), is a conflict between the micro alliance Virtuoso and primarily the Random Insanity Alliance (4 wars), along with the Global Order of Darkness, Vox Populi (Doitzel), and the micro alliances of the Prism Protection Front and the WWC (each of whom had 1 war).

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Declaration of War

November 15

November 18

Statements of Support for the war

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