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Feldmarschall Praxius.

Vincent Praxius (b. 1979, location unknown) is a Feldmarschall of the Reformed Nordreich and the Grand Master of The Thule Society.


Praxius' birthplace is unknown, although it is believed that he is of both German and Japanese blood. Praxius attained publicity as a historian and occult researcher, travelling across Europe to search for archaeological and legendary evidence for Thule, the mythical homeland of the Germanic peoples. He attained a name for himself in Germany and Britain, leading high-profile archaeological expeditions.

In the early 2000s, Praxius attained a breakthrough in his research, and abruptly disappeared, taking with him a small group of his closest followers. He re-emerged in 2009, publicly declaring his discovery of the true location of Thule and the formation of the Thule Society to preserve it. The Society has expanded inexorably.

On the reformation of Nordreich, Praxius joined the Reich and was in short order promoted to the position of Feldmarschall.


  • Nordreich Feldmarschall: May 2009–

The Thule Society[]

The Thule Society
Official Flag of The Thule Society

National Flag
Capital City Old Thule
Official Language(s) German, Nordic
Established 7/5/2009
(5,499 days old)
Government Type Monarchy Monarchy
Ruler Vincent Praxius
Vincent Praxius
Alliance Nordreich
AllianceStatsIcon rankingsWorldIcon warIcon aidIcon spy
Nation Team Team: Black Black
Religion Norse Norse
Currency Mark Mark

The Thule Society is composed of the disciples of Vincent Praxius, located in the supposed location of the mythical land of Thule. It is administered by Praxius himself as Grand Master, and a hierarchy of administrators revolving around him. Its religion is occult Norse.

The seat of the Society is Old Thule, a citadel whose location is known only to Praxius' highest administrators and trusted friends. The citadel stands by the continuous archaeological excavation of Thule, commandeered by Praxius himself.