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Sovereign of the States
Vincent I of Europa
Vincent I of Europa

European Emperor
Assumed office
29 July 2010
President Friedrich Stark

Born 24 August 1957
United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
Nationality European
Political party European Nation Party
Royal House House of europa House of Europa
Profession Statesman

Vincent I of Europa (b. 24 August 1957) is the present European Emperor and Supreme Sovereign of the Empire of European States. He is also known as Vincent Imperator as this is his name and title in Latin, one of the two official languages of the Empire; he prefers to use this name in dealings with alliances. Vincent I was born Vincent Certon to a German mother and British father in London in 1957, and participated in politics from an early age. Certon was a successful businessman, but in 1995 he authored the Pan-European Manifesto, founding the European Nation Party. Marginalized in politics for many years, Certon attained immense personal popularity after the Second Treaty of Rome and the Crisis of 2008. In the Continental Revolution of 2008, Certon was swept to power as President of the Congress of Europe, and unified the European Union. After his triumph in Europe and North Africa, Certon was proclaimed European Emperor in the Aachen Proclamation of July 2010, attaining absolute power in the new Empire of European States.