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Federation of Disparu
Disparu Statue
For the second anniversary of Disparuean independence
Announced 26 February 2011
Dedicated 8 April 2011
Location Citadelle de Férin, Férin, Disparu
Designed by Birgit Stauch
Inscription Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam

Victory, original German name Sieg, is a statue located in the Citadelle, Férin. It was granted to the "King of Disparu and his subjects" by Emperor Michael von Preußen of Großgermania on 26 February 2011 to commemorate the second anniversary of Disparuean independence.

Although the first public mention of the statue was in a radio press release[1] by the Großgermanian Emperor on the second anniversary of Disparu's Bill of Federation, plans for its construction were drawn up beginning in August 2009. Birgit Stauch was appointed as the sculptor by recommendation of the Ministry for Großgermanian Heritage on 2 September 2010, and work began later in the month. After discussions between the Imperial Council of Großgermania and the Government of Disparu, the statue's placement in Darach Park, Jubilife (its original location) was finalized on 17 March 2011. The statue was formally dedicated by Disparuean Minister of Culture Roch Labrecque and Großgermanian Foreign Minister Lena Schiffer on 8 April, one day following the Disparuean representatives' return from the Berlin Summit.

Following the destruction of Jubilife after the fall of Disparu, it was feared that the statue was destroyed, along with other works of art within the city. However, it was eventually revealed that the statue had been safely moved to Férin, where it currently stands.

Victory is, although large in comparison to other of Stauch's works, relatively small, standing only 2.5 meters (eight feet) in height (not counting the cement base). Cast from bronze, the statue depicts Nike, Greek goddess of victory, crowned with a laurel wreath and carrying what is officially represented as an olive branch (despite more closely resembling that of a pine) in her left hand, with her right arm outstretched and displaying an open palm. The statue is meant to embody the peaceful spirit of victory and triumph, representing Disparu's role as a stabilizing and prosperous power in North America. The base of the statue is inscribed with the words Desiderantes Meliorem Patriam, Latin for "desiring a better fatherland". The Biblical phrase, originally used as the motto of the Order of Canada, was recalled and applied by Michael von Preußen to Disparu on the nation's second anniversary.