Capital City Utrecht‎
Official Language(s) Dutch
Established 9th July 2006
(4,980 days old)
Alliance Old Guard
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Nation Information Edit

The nation of Vicaë joined CN part of the original group from the nationstates forums at 3/30/2006 4:07:20 PM. Whilst staying relatively below the radar in the beginning of the game and after his move from the GPA a few weeks before the Woodstock Massacre he has had a impact on the history of the green team and several alliances within the green team most notably the GPA.


The goals of Vicea are simple, growth for his nation and those of others, peaceful and respectful cooperation between alliances and to help establish a system on planet bob to prevent the fall of the alliances that live for these codes.


First steps Originally oblivious of the politics that govern CN, Vicae joined the green team out of respect for the underdog position green was in at that time. After a small war in which Vicea emerged victorious and where the defender was compensated for his losses out of spite, Vicea found the CN forums after this and took his first steps in what CN really had to offer.

"Alliance" Using the guide to an alliance for noobs the choice fell upon the GPA or the GGA, wanting to stay away from conflict and unsure what to think of the overzealous writing style of the GGA recruitment message Vicea went to the GPA.

The GPA in that time was quite basic, and so was CN. The alliance was small and there were many things to be found out. Starting with taking up a diplomat position, Vicea quickly established an embassy with his first target alliance the UCS. Relations between the alliance quickly grew to a positive status. Whist having been a diplomat to: IRON, UCS, NPO, LUE, GGA and lately FOK!, the first step into the full politics has been after being elected Minister of Foreign Affairs sharing an office with Kyleslavica who later went inactive.

"The world is a stage" During his time as Minister of Foreign affairs Vicea made excellent use of his skill with graphics to make the very first MDP-web ever made in CN. (Not counting the MDP web with 3 lines Patjenn had made earlier) However, whilst these things all in all were positive the Green Cold War was starting to really take off, most of the time was spent improving relations with the GGA, who was led by Prodigal_Chieftain and Assington. Whilst often coming at odds with the GGA and more precisely with it's emperor, Vicea managed to keep their respect and even being awarded a honorary position given to friends of the GGA, unfortunately record of this has been lost with the old forums.

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