Vice President of Grand Besaid
President of the Council of Delegates
Matthew Koirbe

since 2 December 2009
StyleThe Honorable
ResidenceBesaid, Grand Besaid
Term lengthFour years
Inaugural holderMatthew Koirbe
DeputyVice President of the Council of Delegates

The Vice President of Grand Besaid, also known as the President of the Council of Delegates, is the deputy head of state and government, and is the presiding officer of the Council of Delegates; however, the Vice President can only vote in instances of a tie. The Vice President is also the deputy commander in chief and the deputy chief diplomat of the country. The Vice President is also a member of the executive cabinet, and commonly oversees the various ministers and departments of the executive branch.

Should the President of Grand Besaid ever die, resign, or otherwise leave office, then the Vice President becomes the President of Grand Besaid for the remainder of the term.

The Vice President is elected to a four year term alongside the President of Grand Besaid. If the Vice President dies, is removed from office, resigns, or acquirse a disability that prevents him from accomplishing his duties as agreed upon by the Supreme Court and either house of the National Assembly, then the President appoints a new Vice President with the approval of the National Assembly.

The Vice President can be removed from office by a successful recall election, or by being impeached by the National Assembly. Impeachments are started by the House of Representatives, and are tried by the Council of Delegates.

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