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Vice-Chancellor of the Prussian Empire
Vizekanzler der Reichsgründung
Rudolf Konschegg

since 1 April 2009
AppointerAlfred von Schliefen
Formation1 April 2009

The Vice-Chancellor of the Prussian Empire (German: Vizekanzler der Reichsgründung) is one of 3 major the Heads of State of the Imperial German Dominion of Prussia. Out of all the officials in the Executive Government of Prussia, otherwise known as the General Staff, the Vice-Chancellor only ranks behind the Chancellor and Chief of General Staff.

The position of the Vice-Chancellor, according to the Charter of the Empire, involves the management of the elections of the Legislative Branch of the Dominion. He is also responsible for aiding the Chancellor in the overseeing of the Imperial Governors. The Vice-Chancellor is the Executive Branch's tie to the Legislative Branch, and all legislation must pass through him before reaching the Chief of General Staff. During elections, he manages the Agency for National Elections, which ensures the fair selection of Senators to serve in the Imperial Senate.

If the Chancellor dies, the Vice-Chancellor will take their place until a new Chancellor is appointed by the Chief of General Staff. The current Vice-Chancellor, Rudolf Konschegg, was appointed on the first of April, 2009. His administrative work during the Tenarran Civil War was essential to his appointment.