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Verkhnyaya Pyshma (sometimes Verkhnaya Pyshma, Finn. Yläpusma) is a Uralican town, although it has fifteen times the population required for city status. The reason for this is that it is in close proximity to the city of Yekaterinburg, and along with the towns of Iset', Sredneuralsk, and Beryozovski, is applying to become a borough of the city.

Surprisingly, for what is regarded as a "bedroom community," the city has a very diverse economy and could support its population by itself as far as industry is concerned. The companies UralElektroMed and Uralredmet have been in operation since the Soviet era. Uralelektromed started out here as a non-ferrous metallurgy enterprise in 1934, with a particular specialisation in making copper products, but also dealing in gold and silver. More recently, taking advantage of the misperception of its name's meaning by English-speakers, UEM branched out into the production of medical equipment, and is Uralica's leader in this regard, with branches all over Uralica.

Uralredmet was bought out by Bolak Corp. in 2009 after the annexation of the area, but the Uralredmet name is still used as the subsidiary branch of Bolak dealing in rare-earth minerals and rare elements. There is a particular emphasis on vanadium and yttrium compounds. They also produce some refractories.

Other areas have become more established recently, such as a moderate-sized clothing production sector, a small food production sector, and a small hi-tech sector.


The Uralican foothold in the city actually began before annexation. In August of 2009, the nation was called in to assist the city in improving its water system, something that, according to Lasse Mäkelä, was no small feat. There had been an outbreak of pneumonia that came through the water supply in mid-2007, and the ultimate solution to getting rid of the threat was the careful dismantling of a damaged biological weapons plant in nearby Sredneuralsk.

The area of Verkhnyaya Pyshma is much like Yekaterinburg - multicultural, modern, and hospitable. The difference is, there aren't quite so many tall buildings or "touristy" areas in the city. As far as demographics go, though, there are eight languages spoken by at least ten percent of the population - English, Russian, Finnish, Bashkir, Eastern Mari, Udmurt, Komi-Permyak, and Komi-Zyrian.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • UralElektroMed Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • FK Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Spartak Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Dinamo Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Gornyak Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Serebrennik Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Mednik Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Transit Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Zenit Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Zvezda Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Progress Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Torpedo Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • CSKVC Verkhnyaya Pyshma
  • Yläpusman JK
  • Stolitsa Verkhnyaya Pyshma

Ice Hockey[]

  • Stolitsa Verkhnyaya Pyshma


  • Verkhnepyshemsky RMS


  • Baltym
  • Romashka
  • Mednyy Rudnik
  • Pyshma (not to be confused with the large town of the same name)
  • Molebka Pervaja
  • Zalesye
  • Zelyonyy Bor
  • Sadovyy
  • Yagodnyy
  • Kozlovsky