Verkhny Tagil (Russ. Верхний Тагил, Finn. Ylätakila) is a Uralican city in Southeast Uralica, and the smallest city in "The Cluster" (which also includes Nevyansk, Kirovgrad, and Novouralsk). It sits just to the west side of Highway UH-6C. Its name is derived from the fact that it sits near the source of the Tagil River, which later flows down into the much larger Nizhny Tagil.

It was founded in 1716 around an ironworks, and not surprisingly, mining and ferrous metallurgy still have a large part in the city, but the economy has diversified since the fact. There is some poultry-raising in the area, a small energy-production industry coming from the building of a hydroelectric plant (finished in 1956), and the transportation industries are also important since the city sits right on a major railway line.

Culture Edit

The population of Verkhny Tagil is primarily Russian, although there are Ukrainian, Finnish, and Bashkir workers in the city as well. The main language used in communication is Russian although pretty much everyone also speaks Finnish and English according to recent census data.

In spite of being a heavily industrial city, Verkhny Tagil does have some cultural tourist traps. The Znamyensky Temple is a beautiful piece of Old Russian architecture that has Orthodox services held in it on Sundays and religious holidays. The local historical museum has the dual function of telling the history of the city and chronicling the iron trade in the Urals. Finally, the Pavlenkova Public Library is one of the largest in the region in terms of books per capita, plus it was recently renovated to hold more books and a new computer lab.

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Neighbourhoods and Suburbs Edit

  • Polovinny (subordinate hamlet)
  • Belorechka (subordinate hamlet)
  • Yuzhnyy
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