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Verkhnaya Salda (Finn. Yläsaltta, Russ. Верхняя Салда) is a Uralican city in Southeast Uralica, situated on Highway UH-6B, some 40 km northeast of Nizhny Tagil. As its name implies, it is on the Salda River, a tributary of the Tagil River.

Its economy has a few sectors, but the most important one is, not surprisingly, mining and metallurgy. Iron and titanium are the two most important metals, with Uralica being the world's largest producer of titanium and with this particular city being the centre of titanium mining in Uralica. There is also a large mobile home-building sector, and some food production as well, specifically in the production of bread.


The current city is largely ethnic Russian, just as it has been since its founding in the 18th century. There is also a small population of Bashkirs. However, the most-spoken language (jointly) in the city is, surprisingly, Finnish, with 100% of the population being at least bilingual in Finnish and Russian.

The Old City and the "Hospital Town" (Russ. "Vol'nychnyy Gorodok") are the two biggest tourist traps in Verkhnaya Salda. There is also a museum dedicated solely to things made out of titanium.


Football (Soccer)[]


  • Titan Verkhnyaya Salda


  • Dinamo Verkhnyaya Salda

Other Pro/Semi-Pro[]

  • Spartak Verkhnyaya Salda
  • FK Verkhnyaya Salda
  • Energiya Verkhnyaya Salda
  • Salda United FC
  • Studenets Verkhnyaya Salda
  • Salda Hotspur
  • Mashinist Verkhnyaya Salda
  • Alasaltan Palloseura
  • Torpedo Verkhnyaya Salda


  • Verkhnesaldinsky RMS (non-league)


  • Salda Basketklub (non-league)

Ice Hockey[]

  • VS Snowstorm HK (non-league)

Neighbourhoods and Suburbs[]

  • Yezhevichnyy
  • Staryy Gorod